Jason Harris

Todd Tutterow

The race within a race, the CV Qualifying Challenge matched the top eight qualifiers for the season in a special event that took place during qualifying for the October event.  Andy Beal versus Todd Tutterow, Chris Rini versus Tommy Mauney, Jason Harris versus Todd Howard, and Ed Hoover versus Travis Harvey (in for Matt Giangrande, temporarily without a car).  The semis came down to Harris with newfound consistency at 3.91 over Rini’s off pace 4.30. The other race was Beal, in a pedal fest, over Hoover.  Finals will be run on November 1 during the Big Dog Unleashed event.

In the main event, Rini defeated Keith Floyd, Tutterow defeated Beal, Harris defeated Brian Teachman, with another 3.91, and Howard defeated Hoover. In the semis, Rini ran a 4.03 to defeat Howard’s off pace 5.42 and Tutterow ran a 3.85 to defeat Harris whose 3.90 with a .000 light was not enough to keep Tutterow from the final.

The final saw Tutterow run another 3.87 at 190.39 to defeat Rini’s 4.05 at 188.36 mph. Tutterow won the event but Rini won the points title for the second time.