With the sun going down it was 105 degrees when they opened the gates, but that didn't deter a quality field of PSCA’s finest racers from entering into the 15 PSCA classes.


Friday night qualifying was an experience for most racers as track temperature was above 130 and there were rain clouds all around LVMS not to mention the 20 MPH wind that came when you didn’t want it. Even with these conditions Mike Maggio in his awesome Camaro set low ET with a 6.261 at 234.37 mph. John Mihovetz  turbocharged his way to a 6.331 and Mike Maggio’s son Wade followed with a valiant 6.60 run on a track that was trying to turn into desert landscaping.

Saturday brought a calmer day with almost no wind for great track conditions.  Round 1 pitted John Scialpi’s Red Line Oil 57 Belair against Wade Maggio 2003 Corvette. Scialpi‘s 6.23 easily covered the effort of young Maggio’s 6.56.  John Mihovetz (6.37) quickly out distanced Kelly Blubaugh (6.71) while Mike Maggio used his single to test the track.

Round 2 found John Scialpi facing the PSCA record holder Mike Maggio.  Maggio was caught napping (.174 RT) by Scialpi (.065 RT) who used the hole shot to win. John Mihovetz had the single to set up a Scialpi-Mihovetz Final.

The Mustang of John Mihovetz was tardy on the starting line but Scialpi’s 57 Chev ran into problems and shut off early to give Mihovetz the win.