Still doing it the old-fashioned way

One problem, maybe the major problem,that many so-called nostalgia races have is that a majority of their “nostalgia” Funny Cars and Dragsters simply aren’t. Most of the vehicles we see racing at nostalgia races are at best a period-correct body painted to resemble a famous vintage race car, bolted on an up-to-date chassis. Other than the body style often there is nothing nostalgic about most these so-called nostalgia Funny Cars.  

But over the Aug. 6th weekend I actually had the opportunity to see a few authentic vintage Funny Cars race other real nostalgia funny cars. I mean cars that were built back in the day (30-45 years ago from 1965-1979) race each other at historic Marion County International Raceway in Ohio.

Each year for the last four Dennis Salzwimmer and his Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit have joined with the owners of MCIR to host an event just for these cars and their fans. This year DRO was invited to cover the event by race organizer Salzwimmer. When he said there would be 30-35 injected and supercharged nostalgia Funny Cars in attendance, I knew I had to be there.

So I opted to hitch a ride with my racer pals, car owner John Troxel, driver Chris Schneider, and their crew, Justin Craig and Noah Sommers, who were taking Craig’s absolutely period correct 1970 Della Woods Challenger to the event. To make the event more interesting legendary owner/tuner Roland Leong was flying in to tune the alky-burning ancient Donovan-powered flopper.