Volume X, Issue 6, Page 39

Points leader Tony Pontieri got the first round win over Joe Baker. Pontieri’s ’57 Chevy ran 6.124/235.15 to a 6.160/233.40 for Baker’s Willys.

The ’68 Camaro of Vinny Budano from Hicksville, NY, was eliminated by Hernandez in the first round.

Brad Personett’s purple turbocharged ’53 Corvette is a real looker. He shut it off in the first round before reaching half track.

Danny Rowe’s ’67 Camaro shook hard against the Firebird of John Russo in the second round. In the semi-final against Castellana, Russo also shook the tires and had to lift.

That’s right, we’re bad! The Pro Mods are known for their great paint jobs. This is the Corvette of Roger Burgess. In the first round he was a tenth slower than Tim Tindle and was out of the competition. 


Okay, so you guys don’t want a five-second club jacket? You don’t read DRO unless you are in it? What? Here are a couple of photos of the prototype jacket.

Once more, if you are a driver who is in the club we need your size and address.

If you are a crew member or the tuner we are charging $125 for the jackets (basically our cost) and we’ll need proof of some sort you were on the team at the time of the five-second pass. email Jeffburk@dragracingonline.com if you have any questions. [6/19/2008]