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The 7.50 index class entry list was dominated by altereds and small block-powered cars. The final round featured a couple of small block powered race cars.

Just seven cars were entered in the class so there was a bye run which went to number one qualifier Wayne Sears from Middletown, Ohio, driving his blown, small block-powered Bantam roadster. By the end of the day Sears had run the table on the field, qualifying number one and setting low ET and Top Speed (7.442/183.74 on a single). To wrap up the day he used a holeshot in the final round to hold of Jon Rhodes Jr. from the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood, using a .049 reaction time combined with a 7.641/169.96 to hold off Rhodes’ charging but losing 7.627/172.32. Rhodes’ .103 light sealed his fate at the starting line.

The Nostalgia Super Stock class had 32 entries, which included Buick, Pontiac, Dodge, Ford and Plymouth cars.  The quickest N/SS was Paul Habura’s ‘ 63 Plymouth powered by an Indy Cylinder Head Hemi. It was dialed at 8.90 and in the first round of eliminations recorded a stellar 8.958/148.67.

That was fast but not fast enough as another Indy Cylinder Head Hemi-powered Mopar, John Grinwald’s bitchin’ ’62 Dart, recorded a 148.85 to own the Top Speed mark for the N/SS cars.

Paul Habura drove over the competition on his side of the ladder on a high 8-second dial to meet up in the finals with Iowa racer Thomas Boehm and his ‘65 Dodge who had steadily dialed 940-50’s all day.

In the final, Addison, Illinois racer Habura dialed his highest number (8.99) and then proceeded to leave way early with a -.131 bulb, handing the win to Boehm, who cruised to a winning 11.64/78.73 winning pass for the N/SS title.

The Muscle Car class was a no (as in none) electronics bracket class for pre-1974 doorslammers and dragsters. There were 130 entries in the class with a large contingency of 9- and 10-second ‘slammers answering the call for first round. Seven rounds later the fans saw a relatively unusual all-Pontiac, 10-second doorslammer final round.

The semi-finals featured an 8-second car, Curt Thorton’s 1970 Nova, versus Scott Brohammer and his 10-second ’68 GTO. Thorton broke and Brohammer ran a 10.381/129.50 on his 10.39 dial. The other pair saw “Dyno Dan” Huellewig stage his ’68 Pancho dialed at 10.63 against Alton, Illinois, racer Roy Edwards, who had his ’73 Duster dialed at 9.81. “Dyno Dan” cut a .029 light against a .030 for Edwards. Edwards ran a 9.827/132.75 while Dyno Dan ran a stellar 10.631 on a 10.63 dial. Neither man broke out and Dyno Dan got the stripe first by .018 of second.

In the “double breakout” finals Dyno Dan’s ’68 Pontiac  combined a .009 RT with a .022 breakout 10.52 on a 10.55 dial while in the other lane Scott Brohammer’ and his ’68 GTO had a .032 light but ran a 10.352 on a 10.38 dial for a .028 breakout giving the win to Wentzville, Missouri, racer Huellewig.

Other class winners included Dave Fuszner in the Hot Rod class and Dean Blunt in the Trophy class.

The next stop for the Muscle Car Reunion series is Kansas City on October 4-5.

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