Volume X, Issue 10, Page 40


From the first test n tune on Friday Ron Weems with his fine crew, headed by Sonny and Andy, let it be known that theirs was the car to beat in Outlaw. The Riverside, CA-based Pontiac Grand Am was flat on a roll. A total of eight Outlaw cars made the trip to the strip, with 2007 World Champ Ron Weems setting the pace at 6.913 for #1 qualifier. Only Rich Zehring was close to him at 7.065.

Talk about parts breakage! In Outlaw three competitors could not make the call on Sunday as Top Speed record holder Zehring broke a motor in his potent San Jose-based  1970 Chevy Nova, as did Las Vegas resident Len Freeman and his 1987 turbo Buick Regal.  Greg Orr, with help this weekend from former Champion Joe Barry, broke something in his Pueblo, Colorado-based Camaro.

Just to mix it up a bit, Enrique Soto’s Camaro had a small fire.

Thus Doug Sikora’s Mustang, Enrique Soto’s Camaro and Ron Weems all instantly advanced to round two. Along the way, Weems ran a quickest time during qualifying at 6.964, 206.39 for Top Speed of the event for Outlaw 10.5 class. In the only real match up was Greg Seth-Hunter, who rebuilt his Chevy Nova after a bad crash at Fontana, and Canadian Dale Moznik and his ‘68 El Camino. Greg knew he had a cut a good light  (.001RT) to a (.100RT) and it was all over as he ran a 7.279, 1896.30 mph to Dale’s quicker but losing 7.190, 203.71 mph.

Just to prove that it was not shear luck on the tree, in the next round Greg Seth-Hunter once again cut another (.001) light against Weems and the Outlaw Racing Engines Grand Am. This time, though, Weems had a good light (.070) himself and he out-horsepowered the Chevy Nova with a 7.024, 204.66 to a close but losing 7.519, 200.20. Barstow, CA’s Doug Sikora and his immaculate Mustang easily handled Enrique Soto and his Lennox, CA-based Camaro with a 7.657 at only 160.98 mph.

Sikora elected not to make the final round so Weems extended his points lead with only one race left on the PSCA schedule.