Volume IX, Issue 9, Page 39

In the first qualifying session Phil Lammatina ran a 4.66/316.67 when top qualifier Martin Stamatis was in the other lane running his 4.599 that is Australia’s quickest ever side by side pass. Lammatina followed that up with a 4.78 and an overpowering 6.23 before coming out for his last qualifier. As he crossed the finish-line 4.68 seconds after leaving the start-line his car arched up and went into a powerstand. As was seen here on the You Tube clip the car broke into two and with the engine still running rolled down the braking area in a shower of sparks. Fortunately he was rescued with nothing more than a burnt finger tip and has already started looking for a replacement car.

After a barrage of 7.1 second times (ANDRA cars use 400 cube engines) at the AC Delco race a fortnight before the only 7.1 second run at the Nationals was here in the final of Pro Stock. Aaron Tremayne (far lane) used a 7.16/190.11 to out do John Barbagello’s 7.25/188 lose. Barbagello’s Ford Escort was the number one qualifier up until the third last pass in qualifying when his 7.23 was pipped by Tremayne’s 7.22. Barbagello would have had a tough time passing his opponent anyway on the money run as his .533 light was no where as good as Tremayne’s .422.

Former Australian Top Doorslammer champion, Steve Stanic came to Willowbank with high hopes in his Camaro and after qualifying times of 6.15, 6.06 and 6.10 he sat half way down the quickest ever eight car field in Australian history. He proved to be just as consistent in eliminations as a round one 6.10 put paid to Aaron Lynch’s 6.16 and was followed by a 6.10 solo in the semis when Gary Phillips had problems. In the final he faced the winner of the recent AC Delco race, John Zappia in his early Monaro and grabbing four hundredths off the line he seemed like fair game for one of Zappia’s fast charging five second passes, however as the Westralian crossed the finish-line he had a blower explosion and a 6.09 at only 205 mph has no match for Stanic’s 6.07/239.75.

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