Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 5, Page 142


Kimberly, AL’s Ken Rainwater turned in a good performance by qualifying 5th at 4.712 secs and 159.18 mph, in just his third outing with a new twin-turbo combination in his Outlaw 10.5 ’66 Rambler. The 526 c.i. Hemi runs on mechanically injected alcohol and is boosted by Turbonetics 88 mm turbos installed by Young’s Performance in Decatur, AL.  Rainwater also credits PTC for providing a torque converter that “turned our whole program around.”    

Tim Jones, from Anniston, AL, made it to the semis in 6.0, where he fell to eventual event winner Michael Strickland.

Sparkling like a diamond in the Georgia sunshine, Jackie Moran’s turbocharged Camaro qualified 11th in Limited Street, but the Athens, AL-based ride didn’t make it past round one against Jerry Gunter.


NSCA at Maryland [5-26-06]
ORSCA at Jackson, SC [5-25-06]
ADRL at Memphis [5-25-06]
Outlaw Pro Mods at St. Louis [5-18-06]

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