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Alrighty, kids, it’s movie time here at DRO. This month the questions have to do with drag racing on film. No Oscar™ winners in the bunch, but take a shot at answering these questions.

#1 In the movie “Two Lane Blacktop,” the race was on when Dennis Wilson and James Taylor in the ’55 Chevy met up with Warren Oates in his GTO.  Although it was technically “street racing” what part of the country were they racing to?
A: Pomona, CA - for the Winternationals C: Washington, DC
B: The Mexican border D: The Canadian border
#2 In the Shirley Muldowney classic “Heart like a Wheel,” who was the stunt double for Shirley’s character on camera?
A: Lori Johns C: Robert Reehl
B: Lucille Lee D: Tommy Ivo
#3 The 1979 classic drag film “Burnout” had an all-star cast with the Fastest Dragsters and the Wildest Women.  Which cast member knows all about the world fastest turtle?
A: Linda Vaughn
C: Starvin’ Marvin Graham
B: Dale Funk D: Tony Nancy
#4 What veteran drag racing nitro pilot appeared as a stunt driver in the infamous Dodge Truck TV commercial “Has that thing got a HEMI” and also appeared on the TV show “Junkyard Wars” as a judge?
A: Don Prudhomme C: Carl Olson
B: Pat Foster D: Danny Ongais
#5 In the overhyped Disney movie “Right on Track” about Jr. Dragsters, what NHRA employee played a cameo role in the picture?
A: Chris Martin C: Phil Burgess
B: George Phillips D: Tom Compton

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Congratulations to our August quiz winner, Bill Cummerow, who was the first (and only) to answer all five questions correctly!


1. D: Fred Zipp
2. C: Eddie Hill
3. B: Ray Alley
4. A: Gene Snow
5. D: Jim Liberman