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March Meet Quiz

Blake Bowser at Auto Club Famoso Raceway has given us tickets for the upcoming 52nd March Meet on March 5 – 7.  So we rattled the four-poster bed of our retired questioner emeritus Chris Martin for a March Meet Quiz. He rolled out of the bed, took a shot of Nyquil, ordered up a six-pack of White Castle sliders and went to work on this quiz. The winners of this March Meet Quiz are the first five entries to correctly answer all seven questions from the quiz-meister get a pair of one-day, General Admission tickets for the March Meet, the biggest nostalgia drag racing show around.

Put on your thinking cap, get out the old programs and old issues of Drag News from the garage and give us your answers. In case of a tie the first one to get them correct  gets the ducats!

#1 The first driver over the 200 mph mark at the March Meet did the deed in 1965, who was he?
A, Don Prudhomme C, Art Malone
B, Don Garlits D, Chris Karamesines
#2 This driver won three straight Bakersfield March Meet titles in the 70’s, who was he?
A, Jim Dunn
C, John Force
B, Don Garlits D, James Warren
#3 What was the first year that nitro funny car was a featured category at the March Meet?
A, 1967
C, 1969
B, 1968 D, 1970
#4 What was the quickest elapsed time ever run at an original (Non-nostalgia Pre – 1988) March Meet? 
A, 5.42 C, 5.27
B, 5.22 D, 5.37
#5 Which driver ran the quickest ET (Non-nostalgia Pre – 1988)
A, Connie Kalitta C, Don Garlits
B, Joe Amato D, Dick LaHaie
#6 The first March Meet was held in what year?
A, 1957 C, 1959
B, 1958 D, 1960
#7 Drag Racing had its formal beginning in Bakersfield in 1951 when what local car club held their first drag race on an abandoned airstrip?
A, The Smugglers C, The Knuckle Busters
B, The Shifters D, The Smokers

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Congratulations to our December quiz winner, Greg Boschert, who was the first to answer 5/5 questions correctly! Below are the December answers.


1. D   Grey, 2. C  1981 , 3. D Carling , 4. C Dick Lahaie, 5. C 1980