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OK Quizster the Quizmeister has been on an extended stay at the Betty Ford Clinic getting his liver re-conditioned and his spare bench checked. So he has been a little tardy in getting the newest quiz to us here at DRO penthouse office located on the top floor of the two-story phlegm building in downtown O’Fallon MO. Usually the quizster sends a slightly buzzed pigeon to drop his latest quiz in the old mayo jar but this time the staff was alerted to the new quiz’s arrival by the faint rustles of a leather wing bat as it circled then dropped the message in the bottle. Like the buzzards returning to Ohio when the bats are circling  the phlegm building you know the quizster is back.

#1 Drag Racing Legends Don Prudhomme, Tom McEwen and Don Garlits all made the final round of the Top Class at the NHRA Winternationals in the very early sixties. The first year for a final round appearance for any of that group was 1962. Which of the three made the final round at the fairgrounds in 1962?
A, Prudhomme C, McEwen
B, Garlits D, None made it
#2 The late Lee Shepherd won his first NHRA event at the 1974 Winternationals in the late Competition Eliminator class. How many years was it before the likeable Texan won his first NHRA Winternationals Pro Stock Title driving for the Reher-Morrison team
A, 2 years
C, 6 years
B, 4 years D, 7 years

#3 There have been just about a dozen women drivers who have won NHRA National Events which of the below racers won a National Event first.

A, Shirley Muldowny
C, Amy Faulk
B, Cathey Veenstra D, Judy Lilly
#4 The International Hot Rod Association gets credit for inventing the AA/FC. At one time the best Funny Car drivers competed on the IHRA circuit. Which of the below racers had the most wins?
A, Kenny Bernstein
C, Dale Pulde
B, Ed McCulloch D, Billy Meyer
#5 Today’s Pro Stockers are all powered by a 500cubic inch “big Block” engine but there was a time when small block Fords, Chryslers and Chevy engines were competitive. That all changed with the 1982 season when the 500 inch rule went into effect. Who was the last man to win a NHRA World Championship with a “small block” engine under the scoop?
A, Bob Glidden C, Ronnie Sox
B, Lee Shepard D, Warren Johnson

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Congratulations to our April quiz winner, Jack Redd, who was the first to answer 4/5 questions correctly! Below are the April answers.


#1 Atlanta Dragway is actually ____ miles from Downtown Atlanta, GA. D 70.2 miles

#2 At the first Atlanta National Event sanctioned by the IHRA the race was sponsored by what major company? C Winston Cigerettes

#3 At the first National Event race at Atlanta how many future Drag Racing Hall of Famers were either class winners or runners-up? B 6

#4 That year the IHRA had a class known as Super Comp. Who was the winner of that class at Atlanta? A Rickie Smith

#5 Which of the ten finalists at the 1976 Atlanta race were not inducted into the Hall of Fame? D R.C. Sherman, Dave Settles, Rickie Smith, Carrol Caudle