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Atlanta Dragway

This coming weekend the NHRA tour stops at Atlanta Dragway. In honor of the fact that Atlanta first opened under the sanctioning of Larry Carrier's IHRA the first couple of questions will be on Atlanta Dragway.

#1 Atlanta Dragway is actually ____ miles from Downtown Atlanta, GA.
A 7 miles C 39.6 miles
B 17.5 miles D 70.2 miles
#2 At the first Atlanta National Event sanctioned by the IHRA the race was sponsored by what major company?
A Coca Cola C.
C Winston Cigerettes
B Goody's Headache Powders D Atlanta Speed Shop

#3 At the first National Event race at Atlanta how many future Drag Racing Hall of Famers were either class winners or runners-up?

A 3
C 7
B 6 D 4
#4 That year the IHRA had a class known as Super Comp. Who was the winner of that class at Atlanta?
A Rickie Smith
C Bob Riffle
B Carrol Caudle D Herb McCandless
#5 Which of the ten finalists at the 1976 Atlanta race were not inducted into the Hall of Fame?
A Don Garlits and Shirley Muldowney

C Bob Glidden and Ronnie Sox
B Shirl Greer and Dale Arnstrong D R.C. Sherman, Dave Settles, Rickie Smith, Carrol Caudle

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Congratulations to our February quiz winner, George Lucas, who was the first to answer 5/5 questions correctly! Below are the February answers.


#1 After the 1979 NHRA Gainesville race Tom Hoover in Funny Car and Bob Glidden in Pro Stock were leading the Winston points chase. Who was the driver of the Top Fuel car that led the points? C Kelly Brown

#2 What former Fuel Coupe driver for Roland Leong qualified number one twice at NHRA National events in 1979? A Ron Colson

#3 What Pro Stock driver got his one and only NHRA National event Pro Stock win in 1979 and for a few months was the quickest Pro Stock ever? B Randy Humphrey

#3b Bonus question: What was the ET the driver recorded and who took the spot away from him? A 8.46

#4 What drag racing nitro racer and legend won the IHRA Top Fuel title in 1979 by winning just one event? B Richard Tharp

#5 What famous driver, who later became a famous crew chief, won the short-lived IHRA Pro Comp class title in 1979? A Dale Armstrong