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The Loaded Questioner

The 35-years-ago-this-month Quiz

#1 After the 1979 NHRA Gainesville race Tom Hoover in Funny Car and Bob
Glidden in Pro Stock were leading the Winston points chase. Who was the
driver of the Top Fuel car that led the points?
A Bob Noice C Kelly Brown
B Bob Bench  
#2 What former Fuel Coupe driver for Roland Leong qualified number one
twice at NHRA National events in 1979?
A Ron Colson
C Jim White
B Don Prudhomme  

#3 What Pro Stock driver got his one and only NHRA National event Pro
Stock win in 1979 and for a few months was the quickest Pro Stock ever?

A Richie Zul C Morris Johnson Jr
B Randy Humphrey  
#3b Bonus question: What was the ET the driver recorded and who took the
spot away from him?
A 8.46 C 8.12
B  8.53  
#4 What drag racing nitro racer and legend won the IHRA Top Fuel title
in 1979 by winning just one event?
A Don Garlits C Conrad Kalitta
B Richard Tharp  
#5 What famous driver, who later became a famous crew chief, won the
short-lived IHRA Pro Comp class title in 1979?
A Dale Armstrong C Clayton Harris
B Dave Settles  

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Congratulations to our December quiz winner, Mike Campbell, who was the first to answer 5/5 questions correctly! Below are the December answers.


#1 Steve Carbone beat Don Garlits in the famous 1971 Indy “burndown.” Who built Carbone’s chassis? A Don Long  
#2 What year did Gary Ormsby win the NHRA Top Fuel world title?   B 1989
#3 The late Blaine Johnson (Schumacher crew chief Alan Johnson’s brother) won his first Top Fuel in…  C 1995
#4 The first black racer to win a nitro pro title at an NHRA or IHRA race was...   D Tony McCallum  
#5 True or False. Tony Schumacher’s dad, Don, won Funny Car titles in all three hot rod associations (NHRA, IHRA and AHRA)  B False