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Well the old Quizster finally got released from his rehab assignment …yeah that’s it he was on assignment to the rehab unit…and can get back to his monthly duties of creating a quiz for those of you out there with too much time on your hands. This month’s theme will include references to beer and the recently in the news AHRA , two things that the quizster has personal interest in.

#1 After Jim Tice Sr. passed away, the AHRA sort of did the same, lasting about two-years past his death in 1982. The question: what color was the last name of the man who bought the AHRA in 1984?
A, Green C, Black
B, Brown D, Grey
#2 The NHRA Top Fuel champion in 1982 was Shirley Muldowney. She also was one of the few Top Fuel racers other than Don Garlits to win an AHRA Championship. What year did she win her only AHRA Championship?
A, 1984
C, 1981
B, 1979 D, 1970
#3 Beer sponsorships for fuel teams and a few sportsman teams. Budweiser and Coors are the most recognizable beer brands but there have been a few others that have been involved in sponsoring race cars, which one of the following brands never sponsored a major drag race team?
A, Pabst Blue Ribbon
C, Olympia
B, Strohs D, Carling
#4 The longest winning streak at a single National Event is owned by Don Garlits. He won seven straight years at the old St. Louis International Raceway when it was one of the old AHRA’s national event tracks. His streak ran from 1977-1983.  What AHRA regular beat him to end his streak?
A, Frank Bradley C, Dick Lahaie
B, Shirley Muldowney D, Eddie Hill
#5 Long before the IHRA even thought about a professional nitrous class and called it pro modified, the AHRA’s pro stock class was populated with nitrous injected, small-block powered pro stockers driven by the likes of multi-time Car Craft All Star chassis builder Jerry Haas, “Animal” Jim Fuerer, and other prominent door car racers of the era. Haas won the AHRA Pro Stock Championship with his Vega running 8.20/165+. What year was that?
A, 1979 C, 1980
B, 1976 D, 1984

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Congratulations to our October quiz winner, Bill Cummerow, who was the first to answer 4/5 questions correctly! Below are the October answers.


1. C   Shirley Muldowney, 2. D   Frank Bradley. , 3. A Australian driver Rachelle Splatt , 4. B Shirley Shahan, 5. D  Angelle Sampey, 6. B    Tony McCallum