Volume X, Issue 8, Page 19

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Wednesday Re-cap

Aug 28, 08 | 12:55 pm

By Nitro Joe Jackson
Photos by Chris Haverly

Wednesday was the first day to get on the track and first out was the 9-inch tire wonders of Stock eliminator for NHRA.


The top qualifier with a Mopar after the smoke settled in Stock eliminator qualifying on Wednesday was veteran racer and past Chrysler Hemi racer Jim Hale in his ’67 Barracuda. Jim runs a 383 combo in his Cuda, in which he went 1.235 under his 12.30 index in G/SA.

Right behind Jim is Chuck Beach in a ’68 Barracuda that has a 340 combo; Chuck runs the same class as Jim so it should be neat to see who the G/SA class winner is. Chuck went 11.122 on that 12.30 index. Tom Kreeber’s G/SA ’67 Barracuda is nested right behind Jim and Chuck with a 11.126 run. Should be an interesting class run offs.

The lone other Mopar to make the top 16 in Wednesday’s qualifying was Jeff Bardekoff in his rare ’64 Plymouth Fury running the class of B/SA. Class eliminations for stock eliminator will be first thing on Thursday and I will have more to report then on Stock. Thursday is class run offs so here comes the big numbers.


Super Stock racing at Indy is always great, the heat of Wednesday didn’t show much but there are a few Mopars in the top 16 of qualifying. Right now sitting at the number #4 spot is the James Caro-driven 2005 Stratus SS/BM at 1.177 under the index. Don Little with his beautiful ‘70 Challenger (383 powered) in SS/JA is #13th in the show.


Now let’s talk Mopar Hemi Challenge. There are a total of 28 SS/AH on the property and it’s just a site to see. It was very hot and no air here Wednesday…yes, a normal Indy for the most part.

The Westcott’s came here loaded for bear. Charlie Sr. ran before his son and unloaded a great 8.69 with the brown camo Barracuda. Not to be out done Charlie Jr. in the “War Fish” Cuda went an 8.69 also. It’s going to get interesting if anybody, even Westcott’s customers, come close to running the same as the house motors. Guess we will see soon.

What? The WarFish is for sale? Guess we know who won’t be buying, eh?

Mark Vieira in his flamed Hemi Dart from Turlock, CA, was third fastest of the Hemi SS/AH cars with an 8.77 run.

Bob and Gary Woikwitz brought their “Earthquake” cars. Gary (top) drives the ’68 Dart and Bob drives the ’68 Cuda “II”.

A classic. The “Mr. 4 Speed” Dodge of Herb McCandless (Mark Westfall photo)

A look inside the engine compartment of Tony DePillo’s Dodge.  (Mark Westfall photo)

Stay tuned for Thursday updates later in the day.