Bottom line….
• U-Groove was great for almost 30 years.
• Engine technology changes have allowed them to change spark plug design.
This one-piece construction spark plug with conventional ground electrode provides the same
exceptional performance and value by producing:
• Hotter Spark/Faster Burn Rate for more power at high rpms
• Improved Throttle Response, fuel economy, and reduced fouling
• Reduced Misfires
• Purified Alumina insulator to prevent arcing
• Machine-rolled threads to protect heads

ACCEL Copper Core Spark Plugs

Since the mid 1980s, ACCEL”s U-Groove Spark plugs have set the standard for High Performance Spark Plugs. ACCEL Engineers developed and patented the U-Groove technology which permitted the spark to develop a much larger, hotter and fuller flash front. That effectively gave a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Over the past 25 years engine head design and fuel management technology has changed. As a result, ACCEL is moving away from the U-Groove construction to the familiar “conventional” style ground electrode. In addition, the upper insulator will now be white instead of yellow, and available in convenient 4-packs or 8- packs instead of singles.
For more information, go to prestoliteperformance.com.

DEI Introduces New Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining

DEI’s new Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining reduces the transfer of heat and noise generated from high performance, high rev engines. Made of ¾” thick, high quality, industrial acoustical grade foam with a reinforced reflective aluminum skin it is easy to install. Simply peel and stick for immediate protection and improved noise control. DEI’s themal acoustic lining provides thermal control within a temperature range of -45 degree F (43 C) to 275 degree F (135 C).

In addition to functioning as a sound deadener or for thermal control, this product also protects the vehicle’s potentially expensive paint finish, and can be used to reduce noise on generator boxes.   It is now available in a 12 sq. ft. size (32” X 54”) at many specialty and performance automotive stores nationwide.

For more information on Design Engineering’s Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining, or to learn more about other Design Engineering thermal control products, visit www.DesignEngineering.com.  For technical assistance, call toll free at 800-264-9472, or e-mail Sales@DesignEngineering.com.


C9 prevents all the problems associated with ethanol in pump gas, thus making it a great fuel for seasonal storage. Unlike pump gas which leaves deposits, clogs injectors, attracts moisture and separates while in storage, C9 won’t go bad. You won’t have to drain fuel from your carburetor even if your engine sits idle for weeks or months, and C9 will remain stable at least two years in a sealed container. Make C9 the last thing you run through the carburetor and fuel tank before putting your boat or favorite ride away this winter and you'll see instant results when it's time to get things started in the spring.

With an octane rating of 96 (R+M/2), C9 provides an economical alternative to C10 that still offers more resistance to detonation and improved performance over premium pump gas. C9 won’t harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors and will provide great starts in heat or cold.

In addition to automotive applications, C9 will perform well in motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles and more. C9 racing fuel is for use in racing vehicles only and may not be used in street-driven motor vehicles.

In addition to racing fuels, VP’s product line includes performance chemicals, traction compound and race fuel containers, as well as PowerMaster hobby fuels for R/C racing. More information is available online at vpracingfuels.com or powermasterfuels.com.