Spray On, Hose Off Simplicity

For sensitive finishes, Polished Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is ideal for uncoated aluminum and anodized coatings that are often found on custom wheels. Gentle, yet effective, it is formulated to safely clean virtually all wheels.

For chrome plate and roughcast aluminum "mag" wheels, Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner is just the ticket. Its special formula, with serious cleaning power, makes chrome sparkle, and removes oxidation from roughcast aluminum with ease.

Rounding out the line, Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner is safe for factory/OEM coated wheels and hubcaps, and it's also great on tires, including whitewalls. Its foaming action clings to the surface while its advanced chemistry isolates and lifts grime so it can be easily sprayed away. Its spot-free formula leaves wheels and tires perfectly clean, so there's no need to hand dry.

Mothers Polished Aluminum Wheel Cleaner, #06024 (24 oz.), Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner, #05824 (24 oz.), and Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner, #05924 (24 oz.), are available at fine automotive retailers and e-tailers.


This all-new small-block Ford water pump features a dependable 12-volt electric motor, which draws only 6-Amps and pumps up to 35-gallons per minute, and is capable of cooling almost any size engine. It’s easy to install, and removes the horsepower robbing parasitic drag on the engine, created by a belt driven water pump. Beside releasing more horsepower, it looks great as well!

These Proform Ford water pumps are a huge value. They include a billet aluminum backing plate ($40 separately), weather tight electrical connector, two inlet fittings ($63 separately), gaskets and mounting hardware, all for only $179 to $259 depending on the application and color. They’re completely ready to install out of the box. Proform is a licensed manufacturer of Ford Racing parts, so you know the quality is the best.

Visit www.proformparts.com to preview their complete line of Ford engine dress up items, internal and external engine performance parts and their extensive line of inexpensive engine tools.


Especially suitable for drag racing applications, this new piston is produced in 2618 aluminum and is designed to fit most 23-degree cylinder heads. Accepting up to 25lb of boost the piston features a robust .260in thick crown and Herculean pin bosses that accommodate tough H13 tool steel piston pins.

The piston pins are provided either uncoated or with a DLC coating. DLC coated pins are a sensible choice for engines equipped with a dry sump or with vacuum scavenging, where pin lubrication can be compromised. To lubricate the pin, these pistons feature double oiling ports in each wrist pin bore, which are fed from the oil control ring groove. Lower skirt rigidity is maintained by a full circumference design that boasts the strongest known stiffening ribs, located just below the piston pin bores. The objective of these shelf-style ribs is to provide the necessary strength to combat high heat and pressure.

The top ring is placed .240-.300in down from the crown. Between the first and second ring lands a V-shaped pressure balance groove is formed to relieve any unwanted pressure between the rings. A Total Seal ring pack is provided comprising a coated stainless steel (AP) 1/16in top; a Napier-style 1/16in second; and a conventional 3/16in oil control ring.

Though anodizing is available only on custom designs, the extra protection provided by ceramic crowns and moly skirt coatings is offered as viable options on the shelf-stock items. Prices for these shelf-stock items begin at $815. Custom turbo designs are mostly completed in 7-10 days.

For printable catalog fact sheet click here. For more information contact Diamond Pistons at 23003 Diamond Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48035, (877) 552-2112, visit www.DiamondRacing.net, or email Ron Beaubien at RBeaubien@diamondracing.net.