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If the crankcase of an engine contains oil, whether lawnmower or race car, there eventually will be a leak somewhere in the system. Beside the expense of constantly having to add oil, there is a serious environmental concern as well. Even a minor oil leak is dangerous for your enigne and can cause environmental contamination. But how do you stop it without an expensive professional repair or rebuild? Simple, just add an inexpensive can of Justice Brothers Premium Formula Engine Stop-Leak!

This state-of-the-art oil additive is a special purpose formula that reconditions old, dry crankcase seals and gaskets, softening and expanding them to their original pliability. Justice Brothers Premium Formula Engine Stop-Leak works through advanced proprietary chemistry, but contains no solids, which could clog small internal oil passages. Plus, it’s completely harmless to your engine’s internal parts. This Justice Brothers product finds the leak as you drive and stops it fast! Don’t risk engine damage, add Premium Formula Engine Stop-Leak today! For additional information on this valuable pro-active product, and all of their premium quality car care products, visit www.justicebrothers.com.

Ohio Crankshaft Introduces New ProMax Line of Crankshafts

Ohio Crankshaft announces a complete new line of ultra-high performance crankshafts for big block Chevrolet engines. The new ProMax line is forged of 4340/EN24 steel with a multiple heat treat process. The ProMax cranks are gun drilled in the mains plus the counterweights are profiled for light weight and reduced windage. The big block Chevy shafts retain the popular Ohio Crankshaft center counterweight design to minimize torsional deflection. The full line of small block, big block and LS Chevrolet ProMax cranks are micropolished with the latest in film polishing technology.

Ohio Crankshaft GM Scott Ray commented " These shafts are taking the mid price racing crankshafts to a new level of performance and durability. They include features previously found in only the highest price shafts. Most popular part numbers are in stock now, and more are being added. We are looking forward to another great year for our racer customers." For more information on Ohio Crankshafts 1,000 crankshafts inventory, call 937-548-7758 or visit www.ohiocrank.com.

Holley Self-Tuning EFI Systems

These systems cover everyone from entry level users all the way to professional racers. All include Holley’s revolutionary self-tuning fueling strategies to take away tuning fears from novice users or save time for the experienced user.

The Avenger EFI systems are complete “bolt-on-and-go” systems. They can be purchased in 2BBL TBI or 4BBL TBI as direct replacements for carburetors or in 4BBL or Stealth-Ram multi-port variations. They will feed up to 600 horsepower and setup is performed on the included hand-held controller eliminating the need for a laptop. Once setup is completed, the last step is to start the engine and let the Avenger self-tune for optimal performance and economy.

Holley HP EFI systems are capable of controlling applications from mild street cars to full race cars. They are completely tunable via laptop to give users complete control, but also include self-tuning strategies if the user wishes to use them. HP EFI systems are available in the same configurations as the Avenger units, plus a universal multipoint, plug & play systems for GM LS engines, and ECU only. HP systems come with boost control, nitrous control, water/meth injection control and more by way of four configurable inputs and four configurable outputs. The HPs also have internal data-logging, distributorless ignition control, as well as individual cylinder fuel & spark control.

The Dominator system builds upon everything the HP system features, plus the addition of electronic transmission control, drive by wire throttle body control, rev limiters and more. The Dominator systems have a massive amount of inputs and outputs to allow nearly any combination of usage. Both the Dominator and HP systems can be tuned with Holley’s unique full color 5.7” LCD touch screen. For complete information on Holley’s new line of EFI systems, visit www.holleyefi.com.