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Dyno data from Stan Weiss

Stan Weiss has a new release of his DFW files product. It is a Package of more than 2050 DFW files for use with Dyno simulation programs. The information is formatted into individual files for use with different versions of DeskTop Dyno, Comp Cam’s CamQuest program, and Dynomation versions 4 and 5. The latest version of Performance Trends Engine Analyzer (V3.9) will now also import this information. The files are in separate folders for the different engine types. He can also supply the files in FLW format. You can download Sample Files (.5 KB each) from Stan’s website.

users.erols.com/srweiss/samp_dyn.zip - Dynomation
users.erols.com/srweiss/samp_pt.zip - Performance Trends Engine Analyzer

There is also, for a limited time, a special 50% discount offer with Performance Trends for use with their Engine Analyzer Pro v3.9 software. You get all the flow data files for only $17.47 (standard $34.95) by purchasing online at this link.

HEY! Look at me!

While they do not have talking gauges to warn you of potential problems, Jegs certainly has the next best thing – Jegs gauge kits with Flat Mounting Panel and Warning Lights. Available in two, three, or four gauge configurations with Black, Silver or White Face mechanical gauges. The included warning lights are activated by senders to alert you of the potential problems so you can shut your engine down and prevent a catastrophic failure. Easy to assemble including instructions (requires crimping a few wires and assembly using basic hand tools). All necessary hardware and components (except Fuel Pressure) are included.

Specifications and Special Features:

  • Premium Wire - 14 Ga.
  • Heat Seal Connectors w/ Shrink Tubes
  • Stainless Button Head Mounting Fasteners
  • Fuel Pressure Sender Switch works with Gasoline or Methanol

Panel Sizes:

  • 2 Gauge Panel - 4.500" x 7.438"
  • 3 Gauge Panel - 4.500" x 10.750"
  • 4 Gauge Panel - 4.500" x 14.062"

Warning Light Information:

  • Oil Pressure Warning Point: 5 PSI
  • Water Temperature Warning Point: 232°F
  • Oil Temperature Warning Point: 253°F
  • Fuel Pressure Warning Point: Preset to 3 PSI, adjustable from 0.5 to 24 PSI

For more information, head here.


From Top Alcohol Dragsters and Nostalgia Funny Cars to front-engine rails, transporting your car to the track can be as risky as running down the quarter mile - if you're not using the correct hardware. With that in mind, the vehicle transportation experts at Mac's Custom Tie-Downs have engineered the new Drag Pack. By combining the premium quality parts in a pre-engineered system, the Drag Pack includes everything you need to tie down race car in the trailer safely and securely, without the need for tie-down points or scuffed paint.

Using a single strap on an oversized soft tire like a drag slick can damage the tire in transit, leaving impressions in the rubber, and running the risk of the vehicle shifting. Instead, the Mac's Drag Pack Rear Tire Nets use a CNC-machined billet aluminum bar to spread the stress over the whole tire. The Drag Pack includes two Rear Dragster Nets, two Front Dragster Nets, four Anchor Plate Assemblies, four Recessed D-Rings, four Backing Plates and a Mac's padded black bag to store it all in style. Simply install the D-Rings on the floor of the trailer, roll the car into the trailer, place the nets over the tires and tie everything down. The spreader bar protects your tires and Mac's tie-down straps feature the same heavy duty construction and double stitching used to tie-down off-road trucks and military hardware. Overall it's the fastest, easiest and most secure way to transport a dragster down the open road - and like all Mac's products, the Drag Pack is made in the USA.

For the finest quality tie-down components, complete security, fully stocked inventory and first class service, order from the best: www.macstiedowns.comor call them at 1-866-386-5992.