7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits

Offering the lowest moment of inertia and the best quality of components in the industry, the Quarter Master 7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits ensure that both acceleration and deceleration are improved, while still giving you maximum driveline durability and rules legality.  These lightweight  kits  combine  state-of-the-art  engineering  and years of racing expertise to give you the perfect combination of quality and value.

These premium kits feature a lightweight CNC-machined steel bellhousing (18 lbs.) that ensures proper concentricity for reduced driveline wear, an ultra light flexplate that reduces the moment of inertia and a 2 or 3-disc V-drive clutch with a balanced button flywheel. The 7.25" V-drive multi-disc clutch offers better cooling, allows clutch dust to easily escape the unit and lowers the moment of inertia.  The  balanced  button  flywheel  is  the  best  complement  to  the  ultra-light flexplate, as it provides the lightest clutch for your performance dollar.

The CNC-machined lightweight steel bellhousing accepts Quarter Master Tri-Lite or Floating Hydraulic  Throw-Out  Bearings  to  increase  concentricity  and  parallelism.  With features that significantly improve throttle response and deceleration, along with advanced Quarter Master engineering and manufacturing techniques, this kit a “must have” investment for the Chevy crate racer.

TCI 1980-’93 Ford AOD Ultimate Master Overhaul Kit

Designed for heavy-duty strength against the stresses of higher horsepower applications, this kit features premium-grade Alto Red Eagle friction clutches and Kolene-treated steel clutches. The Alto  Red  Eagle  friction  clutches  increase  the  “holding  force”  or  coefficient  of  friction,  an empirical property of contacting materials, while the Kolene-treated steel clutches disperse heat equally   among   the   frictions   and   steels.   This   combination   of   clutches   provides   higher performance and durability under higher horsepower applications, and the cohesive lining allows the transmission a better chance of longevity. One final feature is the Kevlar overdrive band to improve the “apply and release” functions while reducing wear. 

This master overhaul kit is ideal for any high performance street or all-out racing application that aims to match the stresses of high horsepower engines with bullet-proof drivetrain durability.

POWERJECTION+PLUS EFI Includes Fuel, Spark and Fuel Pump Control

Professional Products has expanded the capabilities of their “adaptive learning” Powerjection III EFI system to provide full control of your timing through all load, boost and rpm ranges. MAP based spark control is accomplished with the Powerfire II 2-wire magnetic pickup distributor. This timing control feature, plus the built-in 2.5 BAR MAP sensor, makes the POWERJECTION+PLUS EFI the perfect addition to your supercharged, turbocharged or normally aspirated engine up to 500 horsepower. POWERJECTION+PLUS will work with any brand 2-wire electronic distributor and is available with or without the Powerfire II distributor.

The POWERJECTION+PLUS system features on-board wide-band O2, 2.5 BAR MAP sensor (up to 25psi), 21 x 7 timing control, “adaptive learning” technology which allows the computer to learn as you drive, is laptop compatible (comes with software) and includes FuelOnDemand, which provides complete fuel pump pressure control. POWERJECTION+PLUS contains ALL the features found in high-end box and harness systems without the installation complexity and ugly wiring harnesses.

The system includes a 750-CFM Throttle Body, four 62-lb./hr port style injectors, dashboard software, all wiring and connectors, idle air control, 2.5 BAR MAP sensor, coolant temp sensor, throttle position sensor, wide-band O2 sensor, O2 sensor bung and clamps, fuel inlet kit and 220 L/H fuel pump. All POWERJECTION+PLUS systems are assembled in the USA and are pre-run on an engine dyno prior to shipment.

For additional information contact Professional Products, 12705 S. Van Ness Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250, 323-754-1287, Fax: 323-754-1207. Or, check page 21 of the on-line catalog at www.professional-products.com.