CHASSIS WORKS FAB 9 Direct Fit Fabricated 9" Housing

The FAB9 housing features strategically placed control arm mounts to improve performance, and works perfectly with OEM or aftermarket control arms in the factory mounting locations. Lower-control-arms mount at one of four axle bracket positions, permitting anti-squat adjustment and suspension geometry optimization for your particular vehicle. When used with coil-over shocks, included shock mounts provide three positions with a ride-height adjustment range of 1-3/4". An optionally available shock mount set increases the adjustment range to 3-1/16" and eight positions.
Housings are constructed from mild steel or 4130 chrome-moly and available in stock or narrowed widths. Additional assembly options include urethane-bushing or spherical-bearing upper-control-arm mounts and drag-race-ready, anti-roll-bar and wheelie-bar mounting brackets. Direct-fit FAB9 housings are available for 1979 to 2004 Mustangs and other Ford/Mercury, Fox-chassis vehicles. For complete details and related product information visit the Chassisworks website at www.CAChassisworks.com, or call  direct to 800-722-2269. 

COMP Cams Black-Wrinkle Powder Coated Valve Covers

This new line of premium die cast aluminum valve covers completely reinvents the way valve covers are designed. The sleek and durable Black-Wrinkle powder coat finish with a polished laser etched logo is sure to provide that performance look you desire.

The line currently includes applications for Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy and Small Block Ford engines. These valve covers are perimeter bolt style and include two chrome breathers with laser etched logos, two black rubber grommets and installed baffles. The installed baffles are welded in place to ensure no oil enters the breathers. The chrome breathers are present on both valve covers which allows for proper crankcase ventilation. In addition, these covers were designed to be tall enough to provide the necessary clearance to accommodate aftermarket valve trains.

Manufactured and packaged in the U.S.A., this new line of powder coated die cast aluminum valve covers will offer you a sleek, high-performance look combined with rigid durability and unmatched reliability. They are a perfect addition to any high-performance engine. Gaskets are not included.

For more information about the COMP Cams Valve Covers or any other COMP Cams product, call 1-800-999-0853, or visit them online at www.compcams.com.

Street/Strip Dual Valve Spring For GM LS R Cams.

Using a new dynamic modeling system that  optimizes  a  spring’s  design  and  pitch  profile  before  prototype  production,  COMP engineers were able to design and run through several development cycles before the first spring was ever even produced. The result was the most high-tech of all COMP Cams valve springs, the #26926, a professional race quality, lightweight, small O.D. dual spring capable of high loads and an extended maximum lift.

Tested  in  conjunction  with  the  radical  COMP  Cams  GM  LS R  Camshafts,  these  high performance valve springs are engineered specifically for street/strip hydraulic roller, some solid roller and some solid flat tappet racing applications. Highlighted by a 1.320" outside diameter and .675" maximum lift, this lightweight dual spring features a micro-peened finish that actually reduces stress in the valve train.  It  has  a  seat  load  of  129  @  1.835",  an  open  load  of  470  @ 1.160"  and  a  spring  rate  of  505  lbs./in.  In addition, the small diameter of  the  spring  increases harmonic frequency, enabling much better valve train control at higher rpm. And with a host of other unique features, these springs are designed for unmatched performance and durability.

Engineered  with  the  new  COMP  Cams  GM  LS R   Cams  in  mind,  these  springs  are  also  an excellent  choice  for  many  other  popular  engine  platforms.  For  more  information  about  the COMP  Cams  #26926  Street/Strip  Dual  Valve  Springs  for  GM  LS R  Cams  or  any  other COMP  Cams   product,   call   toll   free   at   1-800-999-0853,   or   visit  them   online   at www.compcams.com.