NEW Pro Series GM LS Long Stroke Crankshafts

As an innovator in LS bottom end components, Lunati has forged a new path in the LS world by developing GM LS Long Stroke crankshafts based on our popular Pro Series line. These forged 4340 non-twist steel Pro Series crankshafts are the perfect fit for any high horsepower application and are capable of producing over 500 cubic inches and easily handling 1,000+hp. Several strokes are available, including, but not limited to: 4.250”, 4.325”, 4.425”, 4.500”, 4.525”, 4.600” and 4.625”. Lunati also has semi-finished crankshafts in stock for engine builds that require a 2.200” (Big Block Chevy) pin size or the LS7 style long snout. Like all Lunati Pro Series crankshafts, these new GM LS Long Stroke cranks incorporate micro-polished and lightened rod journals, gun drilled mains, a special nitride heat treatment and a Lunati exclusive counterweight design which greatly reduces windage. Other professional level design features like a fully detailed and profiled finish, ensures that you receive the most capable and strongest crankshaft available.

Have questions about what crankshaft is best for your LS build? Give the tech guys a call (662) 892-1500.

FAST Air/Fuel Ratio Module for SuperFlow Dynos

The FAST Air/Fuel Ratio Module for SuperFlow Dynos includes a wide-band O2 sensor and an O2 sensor processing unit that plugs directly into the AMP style connector harness on the dyno. Once you configure the dyno’s analog channel for the fuel you are using, the dyno will begin to display and record the engine’s air/fuel ratio. Making it easy to use was a priority for FAST engineers, so these sensor kits utilize fully automatic sensor calibration. No need to manually “free air” calibrate the sensor, just turn the power on and in just seconds, the FAST unit outputs an accurate and consistent air/fuel signal. Additionally, each sensor kit is a standalone unit, so using multiple kits for measuring all your engine’s cylinders is a breeze. With industry leading plug-and-play installation, accuracy and ease-of-use, it’s clear that the FAST Air/Fuel Ratio Module for SuperFlow Dynos is the best choice for serious engine tuners.

For more information about this module or any other FAST product, call them at 1-877-334-8355, or visit them online at www.fuelairspark.com.

RHS Pro Action SBC 23-Degree Style Raised Runner Cylinder Heads

New cylinder head styles from RHS feature 220cc runner volumes and are available in either “as cast” or P-Port configurations Finding a top performing cylinder head and still staying within the rules of class competition may be one of the biggest challenges engine builders face today. The RHS® Pro Action Small Block Chevrolet 23-Degree Style Raised Runner Cylinder Heads incorporating the “as cast” 220cc runner volume were originally designed for circle track competition, but these are also the “winning ticket” for Nostalgia Drags Junior Class B Fuel competition. The RHS Pro Action SBC 23-Degree Style Raised Runner Heads are cast iron heads that have been angle milled from the factory to 21-degrees, which significantly improves the performance potential of the head. This cost saving modification is acceptable by most race sanctioning bodies and allows a two-degree plus or minus valve angle change from the stock Small Block Chevy placement. In addition, these heads are available in P-Port versions, which feature added material in all the critical areas so that customers can port the heads to meet their specific requirements. The RHS Pro Action 23-Degree Style Raised Runner Heads are available in three configurations, including the standard “as cast” version with 220cc intake runner port volumes, raised runner P-Ports with seats and guide holes machined and raised runner P-Ports without machined seats or guide holes.

For more information about the RHS Pro Action SBC 23-Degree Style Raised Runner Cylinder Heads or any other RHS product, go to www.racingheadservice.com.