NEW Demon Chrome Plated Fuel Bowl Kits!

Demon Carburetion, a Barry Grant, Inc., company, announces its NEW Chrome Plated Float Bowl kits for Demon Carburetors. These chrome beauties are sold as a pair with all of the necessary gaskets included for installation. The show quality chrome plated bowls will make a great upgrade to most Demon carburetors. Order these Chrome Bowl Kits from your Barry Grant dealer and add a touch of class and individuality to your Demon Carburetor. For complete information contact:

For more information, head to www.barrygrant.com.

Thumpr NSR Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3V Cams (No Springs Required)

These new hydraulic roller camshafts will turn your naturally aspirated or blower-equipped Ford 3 valve engine into a performance machine with a minimum of installation difficulty, requiring only the addition of the COMP Cams Cam Phaser Limiter Kit and computer tuning. The COMP Cams Cam Phaser Limiter Kit safely modifies the factory variable cam timing system, allowing the use of aggressive camshaft lobe technology without sacrificing the benefits of the VCT. Another interesting feature is that the camshaft is compatible with stock valve springs, eliminating expensive valve spring changes.

Like the original Thumpr Camshaft line, the Ford camshafts have three different grind profiles for each engine, all of which will produce a rough, racy exhaust note and impressive gains in horsepower and torque. In fact, extensive testing of these new combinations has confirmed repeatable power gains of 25+ rear wheel horsepower with no sacrifices in long term durability.

For more information about the COMP Cams Thumpr NSR Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3V Cams, visit them online at www.compcams.com.

Luke Bogacki introduces ThisIsBracketRacing.com

ThisIsBracketRacing.com, an online bracket racing driving school, has launched on the world wide web as of February 3, 2009. ThisIsBracketRacing.com, the first site of its kind, has been developed and presented by sportsman racing standout Luke Bogacki. While various features of the website are available to visitors and guests, the main attraction of ThisIsBracketRacing.com is a subscription-only online driving school. In addition to a monthly tutorial column penned by Bogacki, the site will also feature guest editorial columns from some of the most successful competitors in sportsman racing (early guest editorials will come from Jared Pennington, Troy Williams, Jr., and Brian Folk), a weekly Question & Answer session between instructors and subscribers, a comprehensive schedule of sportsman racing events (NHRA, IHRA, and big bracket events), and ThisIsBracketRacing.com’s unique sportsman “Power Rankings” which rank sportsman competitors regardless of sanction, class, and event type.

“I’m really excited about ThisIsBracketRacing.com,” explained Bogacki. “We’ve been working on this idea for over a year, so it’s very exciting to see it come to fruition. The main site is available for everyone--just go to the homepage to get an idea of what the site has to offer. We’ve got some neat stuff online there, but the real features of the site are for the subscribers. The racing tutorials, from myself and our guest instructors are aimed at helping racers develop a sound cerebral approach to the sport--more game theory than anything. I won’t claim that it’s a “cure-all” that will make everyone the next Peter Biondo, but if a subscriber can take one thing from the website and apply it on the race track to win one round throughout the 2009 season, then their subscription has paid for itself. And I absolutely believe that we can help racers across the country to do just that. Plus, beyond the instructional pages--our schedule is the most comprehensive schedule I’ve ever seen assembled in one place. We’ll literally give serious sportsman racers a listing of every major event on the continent on any given weekend. And, the ‘Power Rankings’ program is going to be fun to watch and keep up with throughout the season.”

Subscriptions to ThisIsBracketRacing.com are available via credit card on the website. For those subscribers who are not comfortable with e-commerce, there is also a mail-in subscription form available. Annual subscriptions are $119, or ThisIsBracketRacing.com is offering a limited-time 3-month trial subscription for $45. For more information, visit www.ThisIsBracketRacing.com.