Holding It is Not an Option - Behold, the Black Cat External Catheter!

At some point in your life you may be put into a situation where “holding it” is not an option, or peeing your pants “just happens.” Well, the Black Cat is here so you can rightfully do so, but without the soggy, uncomfortable, wet feeling that you haven’t had since you were two years old.

With a quick and easy placement, the Black Cat External Catheter allows you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than getting that painful feeling in your gut as if the Old Faithful geyser may erupt at any moment. Your mind is at ease when you can drain the main vein through the long black hose and keep your clothes high and dry.

Great for racers and enthusiasts who Off-Road, Circle Track, Rally, and Road Race. Can also be helpful to those at other sporting events, action sports, concerts, job sites, road trips, parties, scary movies and more!

Sold individually with a MSRP of $15.00 ea or discounted when purchased in a 5 Pack.

Kit Includes:

  1. (1) Self Sealing Latex Catheter
  2. (1) Hose
  3. (1) Hose Fitting
  4. (1) Product Card
  5. (1) Black Cat Sticker

For more information about the Black Cat External Catheter, visit www.polyperformance.com or call 1-805-783-2060. Dealer inquiries welcome.


The solution to the oil filter change problem is simple, and Trans-Dapt Performance Products has the solution. Trans-Dapt is the original manufacturer of Oil Filter Relocation Kits, and they are still considered to be the best oil filter relocation system for the money. If you are not yet familiar with what they do, filter relocation kits allow you to relocate your vehicle's oil filter to virtually any spot in your engine compartment. To put one on your vehicle, just locate a sturdy spot in your engine compartment (firewall, fenderwell) and mount the horizontal oil filter base. Install the oil filter bypass adapter where the stock filter used to be, then run the two oil lines from the bypass adapter to the filter mounting base. Screw on your PH8A (or equivalent) oil filter (or filters, if you choose the dual filter model), and that's it. Next time you change the filter(s), it will be quicker, easier, and since the filters are mounted upright, there's no oil spillage.

SINGLE and DUAL filter Trans-Dapt Oil Filter Relocation Kits are available for most popular gasoline fueled cars, trucks and SUVs, including Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Mopar, Nissan, Toyota and VW. In addition to obvious improvement in accessibility, Trans-Dapt's Dual Oil Filter Relocation Kits also increase you engine's oil capacity by approximately a quart and doubles the filtering surface to provide a cooler, cleaner engine oil.

Each kit comes with all the brackets, hoses, fittings and mounting hardware you'll need to install it. Just supply your favorite brand oil filter, or order Trans-Dapt's #1156 compact oil filter, Trans-Dapt Kits are not for diesel, marine or competition applications. For these applications, Trans-dapt's sister company, Hamburger's Performance Products, manufactures billet aluminum oil filtration components that meet the special needs of diesel, marine and race vehicles.

To find out more about Trans-Dapt's Oil Filter Relocation Kits, visit www.tdperformance.com, email the Trans-Dapt sales staff at sales@tdperformance.com, or call them at (562) 921-0404.