EngineQuest Small Block Chevy Performance Cylinder Heads

EngineQuest, a leading supplier of new stock and performance cylinder heads, now offers its small block Chevy performance cylinder head with a new modified combustion chamber. The new combustion chamber is designed to accept either a flat top or dome configured piston, allowing oval track and drag race engine builders even greater options in their quest for speed.

Developed for maximum power with minimum effort, the new EQ cylinder heads are available with 180cc, 200cc, 220cc and 235cc intake runners, all with a 64cc combustion chamber and angle plug.  With this wide range of intake runner sizes, EQ has the perfect cylinder head for any small block Chevy engine, from 327 to 400+ cid. All EQ 23 degree performance heads are also available in the smaller 50cc combustion chamber size to provide even more options for every engine builder and racer.

These Australian manufactured heads feature a thicker .4375 deck for greater strength, hardened DuraBond exhaust seats for improved durability and Phospor bronze guides. With EQ’s Australian Advantage, the EQ 23 degree heads are unparalleled in the industry in quality and performance.
For more information about EQ’s small block Chevy performance cylinder head with the modified combustion chamber, call 800-426-8771, or go to www.enginequest.com.

COMP Cams Engine Break-In Oil

With the current government regulations, today’s oils are missing many of the critical ingredients needed for engine protection. Engine builders and performance hobbyists are being forced to add in extra protection additives in order to maintain engine safety and performance – but not anymore. Engineers at COMP Cams and Endure Performance Lubricants have been working hand-in-hand to develop a full line of automotive lubricants, the first being the ZDDP-enhanced Engine Break-In Oil that provides maximum protection during initial engine break-in.

Heavily tested and proven by the COMP Cams R&D team, this advanced lubricant provides maximum engine life while also allowing it to reach its full performance potential. It does so by improving the surface mating of valve train components (especially flat tappets), rotating assembly, rod journals, piston rings, valve guides and other vital areas of the engine. This proprietary formula includes the optimum amount of critical additives ZDDP (Zinc & Phosphorus), Molybdenum, detergents and high grade base oil.

The multi-viscosity, mineral-based COMP Cams Engine Break-In Oil is fully-formulated and requires no additives or supplements. In addition, this product from the most trusted name in valve train technology is fully compatible with gasoline, methanol and high octane racing fuels.

Mustang Super Stock Headers

Originally designed for the 67-68 factory Cobra Jet Super Stock racers like Hubert Platt, The original DOUG’S HEADERS D627 tuned long tube header, is specifically designed to fit 390-428 FE engines in the very confining engine compartment environments of the 1967-70 Mustangs.

The D627 features two tubes that cross under the oil pan for improved fitment and better power. Re-released by Doug’s Headers, the D627 further strengthens the Doug’s brand as the leader in muscle car headers with a rich history dating back to 1958.

These headers are built with 3/8” thick flanges at the cylinder head and 3 bolt outlet flanges. The 4 tube under chassis exit design is made from 16 gauge tubing for durability with large 2” primaries and 3 1/2” collectors for increased horsepower and torque across the powerband.  The design accommodates both automatic and manual transmission cars with or without power brakes. They come standard with a polished high luster heat and corrosion resistant metallic ceramic coating for a rich appearance and long life.  These headers come complete with reducers, 1100º F rated gaskets and premium installation hardware.  Headers can also be ordered uncoated. Please contact customer service for a catalog and the name of your local dealer.