Two new nitrous pistons from Diamond

Here are two new forged pistons for nitrous engines, which share similar properties: One is designed for a 23-degree small-block Chevy; the other for a big-block Chevy 540-632CID with Ray Franks’ Profiler Hit-man cylinder heads. In both examples, Diamond has provided hefty skirt walls and piston crowns, stout wrist pin bosses and trusses with adequate load paths, and a rigid shell to prevent piston deflection.

To absorb the shock loadings, they supply these pistons with Trend wrist pins made from H13 Tool Steel. The wall-thicknesses of the pins are made to customers’ specifications. This useful option is determined by how much power the engine will make and how much nitrous will be consumed. Fourteen gas ports placed around the perimeter of the piston crowns allow combustion pressures to travel downward and behind the top ring, forcing the ring out onto the cylinder wall and providing maximum ring seal. Finally, Diamond offers these pistons in either a natural alloy finish or coated.  Their in-house barrier coatings consist of hard-coat anodizing (impregnated into the full piston body), ceramic coatings applied to the piston crowns, and molybdenum-based skirt coatings (to reduce friction and scuffing).

For further information visit Diamond Pistons online at DiamondRacing.net.

Enhanced Anti-Roll Kit from Moroso

  1. Brake line locks are used in Drag Racing to lock the front wheels and hold the car in the water box for the burnout, or to prevent creeping in the lights
  2. Anti-roll design has better holding power than any other unit currently available
  3. Has a check valve which allows you to pump up the brakes while actuated
  4. Kit contains a heavy duty push button switch, switch bracket, coiled wire, rebuildable line-lock valve, fuse holder, and indicator light
  5. Extruded aluminum shifter handle mounting bracket
  6. Heavy-duty construction and quality components provide reliable operation after repeated use

For more information, go to www.moroso.com.

Pro Stock Hood Scoops from K&N

Through extensive wind tunnel and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software testing, K&N has developed a line of Pro Stock hood scoops that get you to the finish line faster. With up to an 18-lb. decrease in aerodynamic drag, Warren Johnson set the NHRA Top Speed of the meet in Pro Stock at four 2008 NHRA events using this scoop. Now this technology is available to all racers. K&N has released three new bodied car hood scoops designed to fit Pro Stock, Super Stock, Super Gas, Top Sportsman and Pro Mod cars. K&N has also applied this technology to their line of carbureted Dragster scoops. All of these scoops are made from hand laid carbon fiber for an extremely light and durable scoop. The dragster scoops incorporate proven air filters and are offered for both standard Holley 4150 style and Dominator carburetors. 

  1. 100-8503 Dragster Scoop and carb pan
  2. 100-8504 Dragster Scoop with pan and 4150 Holley air filter
  3. 100-8505 Dragster Scoop with pan and Dominator air filter
  4. 100-8506 Pro Stock Scoop with 50 SQ. inch D-Shaped opening, 10 inches tall
  5. 100-8507 Pro Stock Scoop with 44 SQ. inch Teardrop opening, 11 inches tall
  6. 100-8508 Pro Stock Scoop with 50 SQ. inch D-Shaped opening, 11 inches tall

For more information about K&N, visit www.knfilters.com.