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TCI Paddle Shifter for Transmission Control

The TCI Paddle Shifter communicates to the Transmission Control Unit through a wireless CAN signal with no worries about signal interference, lag time or disruption. The steering wheel mounted unit operates by slim, 1/2-inch thick paddle shifters which instantly instruct the transmission as to your gear of choice without delay. This shifter fits all 5 & 6-bolt aftermarket steering wheels and ships complete with several spacers of varying width, allowing you to set the steering wheel location for your personal preference.

For more information visit www.tciauto.com.

Quick Fuel Technology E-85 Race Carbs

Quick Fuel now offers a complete line of E-85 carbs from 500cfm two-barrels to a 1050cfm 4500 model for large displacement engines. They even have a new 650cfm E-85 carburetor in their Super Street lineup that features a choke for easy starting. QFT’s E-85 carbs are constructed out of aluminum, which makes them more than five-pounds lighter than traditional zinc carbs. All E-85 carbs have green anodized metering blocks and throttle bodies. The aluminum main bodies and float bowls are tumble finished to a high polish that also protects the aluminum from harmful contaminants.

For more information, visit www.quickfueltechnology.com

ZEX 2003-2006 Nissan 350Z Wet Nitrous System

You simply won’t find a better looking, more powerful or easy-to-install nitrous system on the market.

In addition to perfect fit and ease of installation, the new ZEX Nissan 350Z Nitrous System incorporates the most technically advanced performance features available, including the patented ZEX Active Fuel Control. This innovative performance and safety feature automatically adjusts the nitrous fuel enrichment so your engine never runs too rich or too lean.

For more information visit www.zex.com.


Most do-it-yourselfers and professional fabricators prefer to start with straight lengths to create hydraulic lines for their projects, and this handy tool accomplishes that in minutes. This tool will straighten light-wall tubing from 3/16 to 1/2-inch OD.

Using the tool is easy. Simply use the bracket to secure the tool in position with a vise. Feed the tubing into one end of the Tube Straightener and straight tubing will come out the other end. Just cut to the length you need.

For more information visit www.classictube.com.  

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