Volume X, Issue 2, Page 74

Demon 98 Carburetor for Vintage Hot Rods

This Demon 98, a new, retro two barrel carburetor for vintage-engine hot rods, discharged its first air-fuel mixture into the cylinders of a 292 Y-block Ford Starliner, during factory drivability tests.

During wet-flow tests two weeks earlier, the 98 demonstrated greater airflow capacity than the 97, indicating its potential when adapted for use on more powerful engines.  Also, fuel pressures differ between the two carburetors: the 98 employs conventional 6-7 psi rather than the Stromberg’s 3-4 psi.  Finally, replacement carburetor parts may be a little easier to find for the Demon.

Two models of the 98 are now available: a primary and a secondary.  They differ in several ways; chiefly, the secondary model has no choke mounting, idle-mixing adjustment, or power valve.  Rated around 205 CFM (per unit), these three-bolt beauties are direct replacements for the Stromberg 97, adapting to most vintage engines, including the Buick Nail Head, Oldsmobile, Chrysler Hemi, Fords Y-Block, Cadillac, and Pontiac.

For more information, point your browser to www.barrygrant.com.

Granatelli Motor Sports Dual Window Switch

Granatelli Motor Sports is proud to announce the availability of the GMS Dual Window Switch. After designing and producing single duty switches and private labeling the units, Granatelli decided to up the ante and create a dual window switch, combining the simplicity of a single duty window switch and adding a secondary switch to the same unit! The switch can activate a shift light, while controlling 1 stage of nitrous, or it can control 2 stages of nitrous independent of each other. It can be used for many other applications as well, such as water injection or methanol injection. It also works with a magneto, so it can work with a high or low voltage tachometer.

If you don't have a tachometer for a connection, don't worry, this switch can be installed to take the reading from a fuel injector wire. Then you could also drive an external tach! Best of all, it also has the ability to read from 0 to 12-volt throttle position sensor (TPS) signals (0 to 5 is standard) or 5 to 0-volt. This simple box is fully programmable from 1,000 to 15,000 rpm.

The Granatelli Dual Window Switch is available wherever Granatelli Motor Sports' product is sold. For more information, visit www.granatellimotorsports.com

JESEL Shaft Rockers For TFS Twisted Wedge “R” Cylinder Heads

The rocker bodies are CNC-machined out of tough heat-resistant 7000 Series aluminum and shotpeened for strength. They feature 1.465” intake and 1.515” exhaust pivot lengths for reduced friction and are available in rocker ratios of 1.60-1.75. Standard features include lightening slots, Timken shaft needle bearings, clip pin nose rollers, centerless-ground steel alloy shafts, billet steel rocker stands and Torx hardware. Options abound – the MoHawk lightening option increases valvespring life and needlebearing nose rollers prevent roller “skidding” under extreme pressure. Tool steel adjusters provide better impact and wear characteristics. Jesel’s exclusive Ball Adjusters are also available that reduce friction and add strength to the rocker bodies.

For more information visit www.jesel.com.

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