Volume IX, Issue 7, Page 121


ZEX 1999-2004 Ford Mustang GT Nitrous System

Every hose, wire and even a custom machined billet fuel rail adapter have been engineered and manufactured for a perfect fit on these Mustangs. You simply won’t find a better looking, more powerful or easy-to-install nitrous system on the market.

In addition to fit and ease of installation, the new Nitrous System incorporates advanced performance features, including the patented ZEX Active Fuel Control. This innovative feature automatically adjusts the nitrous fuel enrichment so your engine never runs too rich or too lean. In addition, the system features a patented electronic TPS switch for perfect system activation at wide-open throttle. Power settings are fully adjustable from 75 to 175 horsepower with the included tuning jets. For more information about the ZEX 1999-’04 Mustang GT Nitrous System or any other ZEX product, visit them online at www.zex.com.



Trick Tank, the only US manufacturer of portable aluminum air tanks used by racers in all arenas of motorsports is pleased to announce a new addition to their line, the three and a half gallon "Pee-Wee", especially for drag racers.

Built from high-grade aluminum to military specifications, it's ideal for last minute tire pressure adjustments. It joins their seven and nine gallon models and is available in natural aluminum, polished, anodized or powder coated. Tested to 200 psi, it's compact and almost 50% lighter than the steel tanks on the market.

Available now from authorized Trick Tank dealers. For a dealer near you go to www.tricktank.com.



Everybody knows that precise timing is critical for optimal engine performance, but not everyone knows where to find the right timing pointer for large displacement engines. Sonny’s Racing Engines and Components answers that problem with their TP1000 timing pointer for mountain motor engines.

This billet pointer picks up where the others leave off, as it’s designed specifically for 5.0 inch bore center blocks with the raised 1.00” cam bore from manufacturers such as Dart, Donovan and CN. These blocks are the basis for any number of engines ranging from 650 up to 850 cubic inches and are fully adjustable for precise timing.

This pointer is designed to fit stock mounting holes and specifically intended for 8-inch and other similarly designed balancers. Model TP600 is intended for use with smaller 7.00 and 7.25 inch balancers.

Visit them at www.SonnysRacingEngines.com for information on this and other performance products.

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