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Each kit includes slabbed Teflon-coated throttle shafts, high-flow button head throttle plate screws, Teflon bearing ribbons, and three different linkage rods that control when the secondary throttle shaft opens. The standard gold link opens the primary venturies 40% before opening the secondary plates. The black super-progressive link opens the primaries 60% before opening the secondaries. The silver 1-to-1 link opens both primaries and secondaries at the same time. These links are changeable in seconds with a pair of pliers, with the carb still mounted on the intake manifold. Use the standard link for normal street driving. Switch to the super-progressive link at the strip to prevent the car from creeping as you run up against the converter before launch. The Teflon shaft coating and Teflon bearing ribbons keep throttle effort light and provide an excellent seal against air and debris.

For more information, contact: Quick Fuel Technology on the web at: www.quickfueltechnology.com or e-mail the fuel system experts at quickfuel@earthlink.net.



With an extra large plenum and specially shaped high-flow runners, the Super Hurricane is the perfect choice for Chevy Small-Block engines displacing over 420ci on gas or over 350ci on alcohol. At about $250 for polished and $200 for satin finish, this manifold is priced for the budget minded performance enthusiast.

For more information on their complete line of products, or to download the Professional Products 2007 Catalog in PDF format, visit www.professional-products.com.



J.W. Performance's new output shaft is aircraft quality steel designed from E-4340 triple alloy chrome moly steel, which results in a deeper hardening, shock and impact resistant with excellent torque strength. The new design is precision CNC machined and in house balanced. To complete the assembly also available are complete pin and assembly kits for less than $140.00. For details on this product go to www.racewithjw.com. This product retails at $125.00, with special transmission builder pricing available for those who qualify.


COMP Cams Thumpr Cams For Small Block Chrysler Engines Debut

The Thumpr line delivers exceptional high performance engine sound by developing the perfect combination of lobe separation angle and camshaft duration, and not only deliver excellent sound, but they don’t sacrifice drivability so now you can have your performance . . . and that great sound, too. For more information about the new line of COMP Cams Chrysler Thumpr Camshafts or any other COMP Cams products, visit them online at www.compcams.com. 

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