Volume IX, Issue 5, Page 62


SeatSavers are fabricated from heavy-duty polycotton which allows you and your seats to breathe, eliminating that tacky, sticky feeling while driving. Their quality construction features overlapped and double-stitched seams for durability, and the material is treated with a water repellency finish that blocks liquid from reaching your seats. They are available in Navy Blue, Charcoal, Misty Gray, Gray, Wet Sand, Tan and Taupe. For the ultimate in seat protection install SeatSavers.

For additional information on SeatSavers and all their other vehicle care products log on at www.covercraft.com.

Carnivore Performance Products' NITROUSAURUS-X

The system is NHRA/IHRA/NMCA/NMRA/NSCA approved for all classes which permit nitrous oxide use.

Providing advanced microprocessor temperature control technology combined with a state-of-the-art Peltier Heat Junction, the Nitrousaurus-X system was designed for heads-up, index and/or bracket racing where performance and consistency are the most important factors. The system can allow any nitrous assisted vehicle to be as consistent as any other naturally aspirated vehicle. This means that anyone can enjoy the cost effective horsepower of a nitrous oxide injection system and still maintain a consistent tune-up for a real winning combination. Visit their web site at www.gotsqueeze.com for more information.

Powerglide Input SHafts

    Hughes Performance is proud to announcethe newly upgraded design of their Pro Series, turbo spline Powerglide input shafts. These shafts feature proprietary alloy construction which meets or exceeds Vasco and 300M equivalents, new round cut ring grooves, eliminating the fracture points created by traditional “square-cut” ring grooves, extra main shaft thickness over previous versions, and a redesigned oiling channel, improving oil flow to critical transmission components

These shafts come standard in our Hughes Pro-Glide Racing transmissions to handle up to 2000 horsepower and are available in an optional ringless version for up to 2500 horsepower.

RHS Introduces High-Quality Gaskets For Cylinder Head Swaps

Available for Small and Big Block Chevrolet, GM Gen III/LS1/LS2/LS6 and Small Block Ford Windsor, RHS head gaskets are constructed of a .040” thick MLS material – the layers that contact the head and block surfaces are Viton coated and embossed, and the inner layer is high-quality, corrosion resistant steel alloy. RHS head gaskets are available in two different bore sizes for each engine family covered; ensuring that a head gasket is available to fit all of the most popular engine block bore diameters.

The RHS intake manifold and valve cover gaskets are manufactured of a silicone-reinforced material that delivers superb sealing characteristics and will deliver reliable, leak-free performance. The header gaskets feature reinforced graphite construction for maximum heat resistance and protection against blowing out. For more information about the RHS line of cylinder head installation gaskets or any other RHS product visit them online at www.racingheadservice.com.

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