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GM’s mighty LS1 has become the premier domestic performance engine in the past few years thanks to its strong design and plentiful aftermarket support. Now Professional Products is giving Gen III tuners even more options with its new 80mm and 85mm POWER throttle bodies.

The 80mm version fits stock composite manifolds and includes an adapter plate to smooth the airflow from the throttle body into the manifold for increased power. The 85mm model fits both stock manifolds (with an included adapter plate) and the larger inlet on the Professional Products or other aftermarket LS1 intake manifolds that retain the stock mounting hole positions, and retail for about $215 for polished and $190 for satin finish.

For more information on their complete line of products, or to download the Professional Products 2007 Catalog in PDF format, visit www.professional-products.com.

Zoom Torque Matched Clutch Systems

Zoom has taken the guesswork out of choosing the right clutch with their complete line of crate engine Torque Matched Systems. Their engineers have combined the proper clutch components for most popular GM, Ford and Mopar crate engines into one complete vehicle specific solution.

Every Torque Matched System includes a torque matched clutch cover featuring a comfortable pedal effort and a durable nodular iron pressure plate. The matching disc has a fully sprung shock reduction hub assembly, a smooth engagement marcel, and organic or Kevlar friction material to best suit your engine output and curb weight. Also included are an engine specific pilot bearing/bushing, a sealed release bearing and alignment tool. Zoom even includes the proper flywheel recommendation to complete your crate engine stack-up. For more information, visit www.zoomclutch.com.



Proform/Specialty Auto Parts has the solution to overheating with this all new 12-volt electric water pump. To add a custom touch, it’s also available in blue, red, chrome or polished. Dress up and cool down your engine at the same time!

This easy to install Proform pump will move 35+ gallons of water per minute while drawing only 6-Amps. These pumps are made from durable die-cast aluminum and then epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance and a show quality appearance. Each pump includes a free billet aluminum backing plate, mating weather-tight connector and inlet fitting. Check out all their products at www.proformparts.com.


FAST LSX EFI Fuel Line Conversion Kits For '98-'02 LS1 F-Body

The release of the FAST LSX '98-'02 LS1 EFI Fuel Line Conversion Kits makes it easy to take advantage of the power benefits of the LSX Manifold while using the FAST fuel rails to enhance fuel delivery. Two kits are available, with or without the in-line fuel pressure gauge, along with complete instructions.

The kits include all of the fuel line parts, consisting of the rear crossover line, the main fuel supply line and the push connect fitting and plug to convert the factory 3/8-inch fuel line to -6AN lines. The FAST fuel rails must be purchased separately. The kit features a 1 ½-inch diameter midnight silver encased, 0-100 psi liquid-filled gauge with a black face and easy-to-read white indicator needle; however the kit can also be purchased without the gauge. For more information about the FAST LSX '98-'02 LS1 EFI Fuel Line Conversion Kits go to www.fuelairspark.com.

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