Volume IX, Issue 4, Page 39

FAST Dyno Air/Fuel Meter

The FAST Dyno Air/Fuel Meter is the first easy-to-use, two-sensor, wide-band air/fuel meter available for engine tuners and dyno operators. By incorporating sensors in both of the engines exhaust outlets, engine tuners receive the full story on the engine’s true state of tune. With the FAST Dyno Air/Fuel Meter, you can read both exhaust sensors individually or average them together for a super accurate reading. For engine tuners on a budget, a single sensor version is available that can be upgraded to the two-sensor technology.

Easy-to-use, the FAST Dyno Air/Fuel Meter includes a simple, built-in data logger that doesn’t require you to download to a laptop but simply plays back the air/fuel information on the unit’s display screen in real-time. Advanced features include outputs for your dyno’s data logging software and external digital gauges. With double the sensors and double the performance, it’s clear that the FAST Dyno Air/Fuel Meter is the best choice for the serious engine tuner. For more information about the FAST Dyno Air/Fuel Meter, visit us online at www.fuelairspark.com.

Cool Cover – Air Tube Cover Kit

Design Engineering, Inc has introduced Cool Cover designed to prevent air tubes from becoming heat sinks.

Made of heat treated fiberglass with a reflective coating, Cool Cover reflects radiant heat away from air tubes and allows cooler air to be introduced into the intake for a denser, more powerful air charge.

Cool Cover has a unique full-length hook & loop closure design for an easy install and universal to fit most air tubes. Cool Cover can be removed in seconds without the need of any hand tools for easy on for go and easy off for show.

For more information on DEI’s thermal tuning and heat protection products as well as their award winning CryO2 - cryogenic intake system and components, visit www.designengineering.com.

Battery and Alternator Kill Switch

Flaming River announces the latest addition to the company’s line of electrical safety switches. The new Battery and Alternator Kill Switch (p/n FR1013) is actually two switches in one.

Using the same design as the “Big Switch,” this switch addresses the need to interrupt both the battery circuit and the charging circuit. This is particularly crucial in motorsports applications, completely removing the source of electrical energy to the engine in case of an accident. The interruption of the charging and the battery circuits stops the engine and dramatically reduces the potential for fire.

The Kill Switch is rated at 150 amperes continuous duty (battery) and 120 amperes from the alternator. The unit will hold a five-second, 2000-ampere battery surge.

The Battery and Alternator Kill Switch is also an ideal theft deterrent by completely shutting off the electrical system to the starter and ignition as well as for storage, eliminating battery drain, keeping the battery in operating condition. However, its design will allow power to clocks, radio/stereo systems and on-board computers, including data acquisition systems and other automotive devices with a memory function.

The Battery and Alternator Kill Switch is watertight and can be used with 12-volt or 16-volt applications, for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, all-terrain vehicles and marine applications. The Flaming River Battery and Alternator Kill Switch has been accepted for use by the IHRA, NHRA and SCCA for competition use. For more information email scole@flamingriver.com

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