Volume IX, Issue 10, Page 117


These .904” diameter lifters are larger than the OEM Ford’s .875" O.D. (machining of the block required) and feature a large .815" diameter roller wheel/bearing/axle assembly that’s been proven very effective in supercharged alcohol competition applications for years. The bodies are CNC-machined and precision ground from heat-treated and carburized 8620 steel billet, then Mikronite -treated to reduce friction, improve strength and enhance lubrication. This also reduces scuffing and resists corrosion.

Another key feature is use of a heat-treated stainless steel vertical locking bar that is attached to the lifter body with a .188" diameter Monel steel pin and flange assembly. This allows the lifters to roll straighter, reduces cam tracking, and prevents excessive wheel side-loading. These lifters have retained the standard Ford pushrod seat height, so they can be retrofitted into blocks where Crane’s original design or Pro-Series roller lifters have been employed and the same length pushrods will apply. However, they can be custom-ordered with special lifter bore spacing and special pushrod seat offsets. Normal configuration oiling is maintained.

Personalized technical assistance can be obtained by calling Crane’s tech personnel at 386-258-6174, while detailed information can be obtained at: www.cranecams.com.


There are several important features that set the Wilwood Pro/AME spindle apart from OEM Mustang II and other aftermarket replicas. The spindle’s design has been refined to greatly reduce roll center migration and it is taller than the original for improved geometry.

Another feature of the Wilwood Pro/AME spindle is that it can accommodate radial mount calipers and brake rotors up to 14” in diameter.

Precision CNC-machined from a high-strength steel forging, the Wilwood Pro/AME spindle stands head and shoulders above the crowd. It can be retrofitted to any front suspension currently using Mustang II-type components.

For additional information call the Art Morrison tech line at 800-929-7188 or visit the firm’s website at www.artmorrison.com.

New FAST XIM Ignition Module

The FAST XIM is a state-of-the-art electronic ignition system that takes over the role of the factory ignition system on coil pack or distributorless ignition engines, such as GM Gen III/LS1, LS6; Ford Modular 4.6 and 5.4L; and Chrysler 5.7 and 6.1L Hemi. Originally designed to run in combination with the XFI EFI System, the XIM delivers true plug and play performance by using factory style connectors to hook up to your factory coil packs and sensors without any modifications. Easy tuning with a laptop or pc using the supplied software means that virtually any performance curve can be dialed into your ignition system with just a few simple keystrokes.

Guaranteed to deliver maximum performance, reliability, and ease of tuning, the XIM is the ignition system of choice for your high performance distributorless ignition engine. For more information about the FAST XIM or any other FAST product, visit them online at www.fuelairspark.com.

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