(Tim Marshall photo)

Cole Coonce

Cole Coonce is a died in the wool drag racing junkie and one of drag racing's premiere journalists and a pretty damn good photographer. He has crewed Nostalgia Top Fuel cars, been a PR flak and in his spare time written for most of the premier publications, both in the automotive world and out, including the L.A.Times, Hot Rod Magazine, and Drag Racing Online, just to name a few. We're honored to add his name to the list of "my first time" contributors. (These days Cole Coonce is writing punk-noir detective stories at www.tarhole.tv)

Drag Racing Online has tasked me with remembering the details of my first drag race. This is no easy assignment.

My guess is that it was at San Fernando Raceway (aka “the Pond”), probably in 1966 or 1967. I cannot say with any confidence that I even remember my first drag race. I do know I was really young, probably in kindergarten or having just started first grade at Gridley Street Elementary School in San Fernando, California.