Volume X, Issue 3, Page 81

David Schorr of Grain Valley, MO, finds himself on the brink of history as he could become the first driver to win three consecutive Pro 5.0 championships in Fun Ford by breaking the tie he holds with Chuck Samuel and Papa Boomsa.

When people are asked about the biggest names in Ford heads-up racing, memories of Chuck Samuel, Les Baer or Donnie Walsh, Jr. often come to mind. Each of these won multiple championships in what was once known as Pro 5.0 – and each have since hung up their driving gloves. Ask if David Schorr should be added to that list and many may not even know who he is. By the end of this year that all may change.

That’s because Schorr, winner of two consecutive Fun Ford Weekend Pro eliminator championships, is now on track to win three consecutive season titles. By having the season opener at Orlando on March 1-2, he’s put himself in good position for the remainder with just four more Pro events sets yet to go.

“My dad raced heads up in days when it was all about pounds per cubic inch,” Schorr said about his background. “I bracket raced and then ran Super Gas for a while. It was fun, but there’s a satisfaction of getting something to go faster and do it consistently.”

That led him to running Pro at a Fun Ford at Cordova in 2005 and then hitting the circuit full time the following year. Schorr races with an Escort ZX-2 that was built just for this kind of racing in mind by Larry Larson Race Cars. Power comes from an 818 cid all aluminum mountain motor built by Jon Kaase. While Schorr first ran the circuit with an EFI induction system, he now runs with a set of 4x2 Braswell carburetors and shear plates when he found that these provided better fuel atomization during hot weather. Backing up the engine combination is a 2-disc Ram clutch, 5-speed Lenco and a set of 4.10 gears. Weighing in at 2,425 lbs., Schorr has been as quick as a 6.52 at 215+ in the quarter on M/T 34.4x17 rear slicks.

David Schorr (l) and crew chief Mike Page looked exhausted but happy after winning the 2007 championship at Texas Motorplex last September after overcoming former Pro Mod racer Dale Brinsfield.

“There’s pretty decent money in the Fun Ford series,” Schorr said. “We know in advance how much we’re racing for, which you can’t always say for the local stuff. There are not as many races you have to run, too. That really helps when you don’t have a lot of sponsors. If it were my choice, I’d race every weekend, but this is better with the business and the home life.”

“The neat part is talking to the spectators that come up to the car. They ask a lot of questions – and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll just make something up,” he continued with laughter. “They’re astonished that the engine is that many cubic inches. They like seeing the car and watching it race, but they don’t always know who I am.”

Developmental work between Schorr and Mickey Thompson has led to advanced Pro Street tire technology that has led to a tire that’s both quick and safe for everyone.

With the help of sponsors Mickey Thompson tires and UPR, an understanding mom and dad and a supportive family that may become less of a problem as they continue to bring in the championships and wins.  


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