Volume IX, Issue 9, Page 107

Andy Neal’s all-steel, turbo ‘62 Fury wagon

his car is an all-steel ’62 Fury wagon that was originally built by Todd Shepard and raced in the NMCA series as an Outlaw Street class. It went 7.41at almost 200 mph a decade ago, and that was on DOT tires and through the mufflers.

I got involved several years ago when the car was bought by my good friend, Ted Evans from Ravenna, Michigan. He built an outrageous ‘68 Hemi Dart for me, from which this mad project sprung. Now, enter my friend from England, Donnie Todd, a fellow Mopar nut – he had called me to get some advice on jetting the carb in his Coronet and here we are a couple of years later with the 572 Keith Black Hemi with Stage 5 heads, twin turbos, fuel injection and a 4-speed Lenco running on pump gas! Donnie and his son flew in and we took a 2,000+ mile round trip to Ted’s place to pick the car up. We slept for three hours and started back home again.

 We decided on the motor combo and started putting the whole thing together. Fourteen months later the thing was ready for testing and Donnie came back over again. A quick shakedown run at Atco, NJ, resulted in an easy 9.30 at 145 mph – on pump gas, with no tuning -- and it left like a minivan.

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