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El Camino Nitrouso


El Camino Nitrouso lives! When we last visited DRO's band of miscreants and the old editor's newly primered '67 El Camino, we were licensed for street driving but not really ready for the strip.

In order to make El Camino Nitrouso race-ready we decided to add a few basic safety related improvements. The first thing was to get rid of the junkyard tires that were originally on the car and replace them with some up-to-date street radials. So, in keeping with the get the most for the least spirit of the project, we started looking around for a tire deal.

We settled on installing a set of BFG GT Radials with the 85 series on the rear and 65 series on the front. The lower profile of 21st century tires (as opposed to the circa 1965 tires that were on the Camino) lowered the ride height about an inch and improved the way the Camino handled in a four wheel drift into my driveway.

We bought the tires at our local Costco where the tire crew not only balanced and mounted the tires at no charge but also informed us that after installing tires on a car like El Camino Nitrouso, a burnout in front of the bays was mandatory. Since strictly obeying the rules are part and parcel of the El Camino Nitrouso manifesto we reluctantly obliged. The burnout ended in the parking lot of a conveniently located Chili's. The DRO crew took that as a sign and ducked into the restaurant, ordered up a brace of their signature "El Presidente" margaritas, and waited for the smoke to clear.


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