The 6th Annual Melt Down Drags at Byron, Illinois

It Just Keeps Getting Better

July traditionally brings out the hottest times of the summer for racers and fans. The 2015 Melt Down Drags seemed to be the real break out year for Byron Dragway and the Melt Down Club.

The idea of a 1966 and earlier vintage race came from a group of guys and gals from Wisconsin and Minnesota. They wanted a race for the little guy when racing was still affordable for the average Joe and his family and friends. Back in time sponsors were gas stations, garages, barber shops, and body shops with no big mega buck corporate sponsors. Back in 1966 the little guy could build a car for racing with his friends in the home garage and then drive the car on the street, to school or work. Many cars were towed to the strip on a simple homemade tow bar. If it had to be trailered it was made at home out of a used farm axle, a stick welder and used tires.

The Melt Down races are designed to mimic those more simple times when gas was 30 cents per gallon, everyone packed a lunch box and used a pay phone to call their friends. We know that those days are now gone, but the nostalgic days of the 1960’s are still strong in many people’s minds.

If gassers, fuel altereds, front engine dragsters, back up babes, super stockers, A/FX altered wheel base cars, real steel hot rods are your thing, this race is for you. The response has been overwhelming from racers and spectators alike. The online pre-registration for 550 cars was totally filled by the end of February. After the great response for 2014 race, additional parking and camping spaces was added this year. The spotless race track was well maintained and cleaned hourly by racers, fans and track personnel. There was zero trash blowing around and clean bath rooms all weekend. Everyone takes pride in making this a great environment for family fun.

Here’s the first of two slideshows from the event. What a mix of cars!

With the swap meet, car show, pin up contest, vintage vendors, great food and races, there was something for everyone. People came from the West Coast, East Coast, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia to this race.