Korry Hogan heats up the tire.

5-Second Elapsed Times on a Top Fuel Bike: What does it take?

In the world of drag racing, few, if any, can resist the call to the starting line when it’s known that Top Fuel bikes are about to fire up. Like their eight-cylinder counterparts, TF bikes are the kings of both speed and quickness in motorcycle drag racing. They are not only the fastest competition drag bikes in the world with speeds recorded in excess of 250 mph, which is just insane on a motorcycle, but they are also the quickest competition motorcycles at covering 1,320’ of drag strip surface in less than six seconds. Fans and racers alike flock to the stands when they know a Top Fuel bike is about to make a pass.

But what does it take to storm the 1320 from stripe to strip in less than six seconds?

If you were to research the history of TF bikes you would find that the number of drag bike racers who have actually piloted a Top Fuel bike to a five-second time slip can be counted on two hands with fingers to spare.