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Chicago Jon in the Sequel of the Year


"REVENGE OF THE LIST! Part 4: The Gritty Reboot"


The totally hysterical 'dark comedy' Used Cars from Robert Zemeckis, who at this stage of his career was probably better known as 'that friend of Spielberg’s' (but to me was the guy I was intrigued with two years prior to this venture, the way he pulled off 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' without actually even having any Beatles at his disposal.) 

Kurt Russell (again, one of my favorite guys of all time) is every schlock-crook-snakeoil car salesman ever rolled into one, that being Rudy Russo, dealing out some of the dumpiest automobiles on Earth, with the hope of building a war-chest big enough to pave the way for his dream in politics. 

The late, great Jack Warden -- who, for the record is a SCREAM in this -- shoulders a double role as twins, the "good one", Luke, who is Rudy’s boss, and the ever-popular "evil-twin", who has the lot across the street and no soul, by the way, Roy L. Fuchs. Unknown to Rudy and Luke, Roy L., via his political connections, knows of impending improvements to the area that will make his already profitable lot virtually unstoppable, providing he can also succeed in screwing his brother out of HIS property. 

It’s against this backdrop that the craziest series of events all start playing out, one 'domino-ing' into another, all snowballing into the finale, a madcap chase across the desert in an effort to prove in court that the good guys do indeed have an inventory of a "mile of cars!" The judge in these proceeding is the always hysterical Al Lewis, good old Grampa Munster. 

Along for the ride is Second City alum Joe Flaherty, Michael McKean and David Landers (Lenny and Squiggy of LaVerne and Shirley fame), Harry Horthup (Taxi Driver), and the always good-for-a-chuckle, Dub Taylor.