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"REVENGE OF THE LIST! Part 2: The Revengening"

And we’re back, so let’s get started, with:


Heroes brings us Sally Field and Henry 'I'm more than just Fonzie' Winkler in road-picture of sorts, two souls unsure of themselves, out to discover who they are, and each other along the way.  A Vietnam movie, at a time when Hollywood wasn't yet comfortable with the idea that films like this should be made, (Winkler’s character, an in-country Vet, breaks out of a New York VA hospital to reconnect with the friends he served with) Heroes is not great, but not bad either, except where our focus goes, and that is to the racing sequence in the middle.

Jack Dunne (Winkler) seeks out "Ace", played by a fella who just got back from England, where he finished filming his scenes for some space movie (maybe you heard of it: STAR WARS?), Harrison Ford, who somehow looks even younger than he did four years earlier when he was 'Falfa' in American Graffitti. (The internet rumor that this movie was filmed in 1975, and sat on a shelf ‘til '77 to cash in on Ford’s rising star is mostly B.S.; when Winkler is prowling the streets of New York, he passes a porno theatre with a '76 release of John Holmes on the marquee.  Ford’s suddenly rising stock could have helped studio execs believe more in its release, but it’s all speculation based on more speculation.)

The Ace possesses one mean looking 1970 Camaro, which could probably hold its own in Run-Tuff Eliminator at good old U.S. 30, but clueless scriptwriters and (probable) location scouts decide that he's going to enter this deal at the local half-mile dirt oval,  which looks to be somewhere in southern Cali, but research could not determine where. Making matters worse, Ford’s character has cold feet: he shows up but never races the deal, which is why the locals laugh at him (a lot). So Winkler, who has to be told how to START the damn thing, goes out, runs the race, and brings it home third. Only in Hollywood.