1974 was the first year, and at the time I was using a 110 Instamatic camera. I kept my film in a small shaving kit bag and carried it with me. By Sunday I had shot nine of the ten rolls I had brought with me. In the stands on Sunday for final eliminations, everyone stood up as John "Tarzan" Austin blew the blower off the Hot Tuna TF entry. The rear tire exploded and sent the car out of control, spinning around wildly, and finally sliding to a halt past half track. I took a shot of the run, the last shot on the roll. I went to change my film and noticed that my bag of film was gone. Either someone came up from under the bleachers and grabbed it, or I just lost it. Anyway I ended up with only the roll in my camera. To say that I was pissed off was an understatement.

This is the shot I chose from that single roll. It shows the repair work on the rear of Don Shumacher's Vega FC which had ripped the body off after two wheelstands during a qualifying run on Saturday. He went on to runner-up to Don Prudhomme in his newly painted Army Cuda.