Jeg Coughlin, Scott "Woody" Woodruff, and Kenny Underwood (left to right) pose with the "Buckeye Blitz". Not pictured is co-driver Jay Roberts.

Fun is what it's all about at the 24 Hours of Lemons. This relatively new endurance racing series might just be the fastest growing motor sport in the country. Combining irreverent humor with serious racing, it's part circus and part sport. The most important rule is that the car can't have cost more than $500 to purchase and prepare (with exemptions for anything related to safety). If it looks like something Daffy Duck would drive, so much the better. Can you really call it racing? You bet. It takes more than a little mechanical creativity to build a cheap car that's safe, goes fast, and holds together. As for the drivers, they range from near novices to pros.

Jeg's fiancé, Samantha Kenny, gets the credit for introducing him to the Lemons racing. She took part in a race, last year, and had so much fun that Jeg knew that he wanted to get in on the action. Even though the 24 Hours of Lemons was the team's very first road race, Jeg and his co-drivers weren't complete neophytes. They've all worked with instructors and done hot laps at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, which hosts IndyCar races.

Has drag racing lost Jeg forever? Not a chance. He may not be racing Pro Stock this season, but he's been winning consistently in big bucks bracket races. It's probably only a matter of time before he's back in the pro ranks.

On the other hand, Jeg's not the kind of guy to walk away from unfinished business. He said that that the team plans to enter the American Irony 24 Hours of Lemons, at Michigan's GingerMan Raceway in July. The other teams had better watch out. Jeg knows a thing or two about competition.