Force … the untold stories. Until now.

We asked you to send your John Force stories and win a prize. And the entries came rushing in. We laughed, we cried (well, we laughed), consulted a lawyer regarding slander issues and finally chose the winner of the John Force diecast as well as the second and third place winners.

Here we share the Grand Prize Winner, the second and third place winners and those we gave Honorable Mention status with you. Enjoy it’s almost as good as a John Force TV tirade. 

and the winner is... Charley Powell

     I used to work for a friend of mine selling programs and t-shirts for the old AHRA circuit.  We were in Cleveland at the baseball stadium for the press conference before a race.  It was when Shirley's movie had just come out and Garlits was upset how he was portrayed.  He showed up with grease "make-up" all over his clothes and face.  That was a riot in itself but Force provided the real fun after the media finished with all of the presentations inside.  In the parking lot, right outside of the stadium, he pulls the car out and takes off the body.  Without any regards to safety issues (it was a long time ago!), he fires it up and proceeds to do a long smokey burnout for the press right down the parking lot in the bare chassis.   As if that wasn't enough, he pops out of the car and announces "I only nicked one or two pistons!"  What a showman.  He wasn't the star he is now but he always tried to do the best he could, however outrageous, to promote the sport.  Sorry for the pun, but it was a homerun for the assembled press and media who were there.