Volume X, Issue 5, Page 30

Even More Millarkey

ho says museum exhibits have to be dry, dusty and boring? Certainly not the Pasadena Museum of California Art, which will host an exhibition of Pete Millar cartoons this summer. Tales From the Strip is the first comprehensive museum exhibition of the hot rod and drag racing cartoons of the late Pete Millar.

(image courtesy estate of Pete Millar)

The exhibition, which runs from June 1 through Sept. 14, 2008, will include over 40 original drawings and paintings from the Millar estate as well as several vintage publications which contain his cartoons and drawings.

Finding his inspiration in the pages of Mad Magazine’s heyday of the 1950’s and ‘60s, Millar turned his pen to the California car culture. Trained as an engineering draftsman, he was also a drag racer and soon cars were the focus of his work. Over the years he was published in many print magazines including Hot Rod, Drag Racing and Rod & Custom. He also produced several comics periodicals of his own.

The exhibition was put together by Gordon L. Fuglie, currently the Curator of Exhibitions & Collections at San Luis Obispo Art Center. Appropriately, he also is a drag racer and hot rod enthusiast.

The Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) is located at 490 E. Union St., Pasadena, CA 91101. It is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. For more information go to www.pmcaonline.org.

Drag Racing Online was privileged to have Millar contribute to our publication prior to his death in 2003. Here is a look at some of his Millarkey:

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The Devil and Daniel Webster (part 1)

The Devil and Daniel Webster (part 2)

The Devil and Daniel Webster (part 3)

The Devil and Daniel Webster (part 4)

The Devil and Daniel Webster (part 5)

The Devil and Daniel Webster (part 6)

The Pack Rat (part 1)

The Pack Rat (part 2)

The Pack Rat (part 3) 

 A Revolutionary Idea (part 1)

A Revolutionary Idea (part 2)

A Revolutionary Idea (part 3)

When In Doubt