Volume IX, Issue 2, Page 61

The Christmas Tree went up, and there you have it. They spread the word about the league being formed, but response was underwhelming at first, to the point that they weren’t able to sell a single racer on the idea of signing up for a full season. It’s not hard to see why. Try and explain the concept to someone who hasn’t been to one of the races, and see how they react: It’s like real drag racing, but it’s inside. And the car doesn’t really move, it’s hooked up to a dyno. Yeah. When I mentioned my initial reaction to hearing about it to Horton, he said that they had that a lot. “We’ll get a lot of groups that hear about it, so they send a scout to check it out. They go expecting to be bored, but then they go back to their group, and they’re like ‘Guys, this is really neat!’ Then the next week we have twenty more people show up.”

And show up they do. Except for the harsh cold weather lately, races have been filling up fast. Running all Friday evening from six till midnight, registry for a race is usually full by 6:15, with upwards of fifty to sixty spectators each night. Cars of all makes and models, (but mostly Mustangs), even a few trucks run the dyno. The dyno is also capable of running motorcycles on it with a 30-minute conversion, and although there isn’t time to run both autos and bikes on the same night, Horton is hoping to move the races to Saturdays and Sundays during the day, and have one day for cars, another for bikes. All of that is for next season though.

As for this season, currently leading the bracket is driver Dennis Raley with 585 season points, followed closely by Steve Morris, and Jay Yanuzzi tied with 583 each. DRO Editor-at-Large Bret Kepner (above) and Jim Kinzel complete the top five with 582 and 502 points, respectively.

Only time will tell if the Indoor Drag Racing League continues, but it seems safe to say that if there’s any justice in the world, this unique and fun take on drag racing should do very well.

Anyone interested in more information should swing by MCP at their business location at 4529 Towne Ct., St Charles, MO 63304, or telephone them at 636-928-7223. 


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