Volume X, Issue 6, Page 117

Windy City Raises 20K

The Windy City lived up to its name during the NHRA Route 66 Nationals and annual DRAW auction. The NHRA event was held just outside Chicago in Joliet, Illinois. The NHRA Chicago June national event has become the home of the DRAW Annual Auction. Even with weather conditions with rain and wind the DRAW auction raised over $20,000 in revenue for the injured racers and their families. NHRA announcer, Bob Frey graciously provided his services at the DRAW auction.

As DRAW prepares for the next big event to take place during October the rest of the world celebrates Fathers Day. Over the last decade the role of fathers has changed so much from the sole provider of the family to sometimes even now primary caretaker of children.

I grew up in the era when most fathers were still the primary supporter of the family. Like so many children in the world of drag racing my childhood was spent for the most part with my mother. Due to racing and a busy work schedule my father was home for dinner and on Sundays when he was not racing. But there are also many fond memories of the races when our family traveled together. Like the time we visited the Amish farm in Ohio, the school storytelling on Mondays when I met Elvira and Dusty Rhodes, the first 300-mile-per-hour pass by Kenny Bernstein and many more celebrities at the races. 

Our fathers contribute greatly to the success of who we are who we become. So during the month of June take time to celebrate and remember our fathers.

For those DRAW members who will be attending races in June and July we could use your help on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For details e-mail tracyw@digital.net.  

Click here to visit the DRAW website: www.drawfasthelp.org


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