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It is in the time of loss that you realize that each day is a gift. Each day that you have those you love in your life is truly a gift. Just the other day I was reading a quote from Barbara De Angelis: “Love and Kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who received them, and they bless you the giver.”

This past year has been a difficult time in the sport of drag racing for the John Force Racing Team and Doug Herbert as well. They have lost those who they love. It especially true of Doug Herbert who suffered the largest loss of his two children.

If nothing else I would inspire you to be thankful for those who are in your life and truly appreciate them. For those of you who travel the racing circuit or keep up with the NHRA circuit I am sure that John Force Racing and Doug Herbert, along with the many other racers who have suffered losses, will appreciate your prayers and kindness. You will make a difference by sending a simple card or kind words of inspiration during these difficult times.

On to the news about D.R.A.W. The Drag Racing Association of Women received the honor of being named the Person of the Year by the NHRA Southeastern Division. Board ofTrustees member Tracy Winters accepted the award on behalf of the organization.

The D.R.A.W. booth will again be present at all NHRA national events during the 2008 racing season. As you are reading this D.R.A.W. will be preparing for their annual Florida golf tournament that takes place in Gainesville, Florida, prior to the NHRA Gatornationals. This year the event will take place on Wednesday, March 12.

We look forward to seeing you in sunny Florida or wherever your racing endeavors may take you. 

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