The American Nostalgia Racing Association has four races on the board for '09, all of them happening at the Auto Club Raceway at Famoso, California.

The Nostalgia Pro Comp Association have eight races in ink and they also run from May until October.

The Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit has ten dates on their "sked."

The Royal Purple Outlaw Fuel Altereds have nine races on their plate.

Their little brothers and sisters, the Southwest Junior Fuel Association, also have nine dates on their dance card.
I'm sure lots of events are kind of in limbo until we all get that big government stimulus check!

I'm not bogging you down with links and dates and crap because if you can find this column, you can spark up the search engine of your choice and find a cool nostalgia race in your locale without my interference.

I mentioned Pomona. Well this year once again, the NHRA and the Heritage folks have invited some nostalgia racers and cackle-festers to stink up the joint during the Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals. The Winged Express fuel altered with Mike Boyd up is headlining the cars making laps on Saturday and Sunday. The AA/FD and AA/FC cars going seem to be changing by the minute. I do know that we (Pisano & Matsubara, in case you didn't know) are going to go if the weekend's double-check and fire-up goes according to plan.

Last time I mentioned that as a team we needed to decide when and or if, we were going to even run the car this year. When we received our invitation to run Pomona we got together and ran the numbers, so to speak. It came down to this: we can sleep in our own beds, no hotels; our BBQ king Randy will keep us fat and happy for just the cost of a trip to Costco; we get a few 'perks' from the hosts of the event; we can schmooze anyone and everyone that even looks like a 'wallet'; we can pump up that the long awaited Hot Wheels car will be available from us in March (stores in May); oh, and the event is a ton of fun! So, by the time you all have read this spiel the 'zine will have gone live and the event will be just a memory. Hopefully a good one!

Next time, it's already the March Meet, see you here. Not sure about "there" yet.